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The Benefits of Owning a Saber Gas Grill

I’ve owned and used a Saber gas grill at home for a year now and the biggest benefit I’ve experienced from owning a Saber gas grill has been fearless cooking, what that means to you, is no worries about flare ups, uneven cooking and juicy meals! Because of the Saber gas grill’s true infrared cooking […]

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Wood cook stoves & So Much More!

The Original Flame Inc., located at 982 Highway 7 East, Otonabee is proud to announce our partnership with Elmira Stove Works. Elmira Stove Works has been manufacturing vintage‐styled ranges since 1975, and offers full lines of “circa‐1850” and retro 1950s appliances, including ranges, refrigerators, microwaves, wall ovens, range hoods and wood‐burning cook stoves. Elmira appliances […]

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Time for a Fireplace Makeover?

Are you living with an old style fireplace that just doesn’t match your home decor? The fireplace typically is the welcoming focal point of your home, if you have a tired looking gas fireplace with “fake looking” logs and a bulky brick finish, now is the time for a makeover! Fireplace Makeovers Fireplace makeovers can […]

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Three ways to add Warmth to your Outdoor Space!

Sitting around an outdoor fire is something every Canadian has enjoyed, usually in the form of a bonfire. Outdoor fireplaces are now increasing in demand as more people discover outdoor living. Outdoor areas are becoming extensions of indoor spaces and more home owners areenjoying the open air as much as possible. With more government regulations […]

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Use Less, Do More

As seen in    Wouldn’t you like to spend less money on heating your home and more money on the things you choose to enjoy? The Ontario government has committed $325 million dollars to the Green Investment Fund, for projects to fight climate change. Part of that money will go to Ontario Home Energy Conservation […]

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ZONE HEATING An Efficient Way to Use Gas to Heat Your Home. Today there are attractive new natural gas and propane heaters that can warm the living areas of your home while at the same time saving you money on your heating bill. These supplemental heating sources are not the boring space heaters of yesteryear. […]

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Every Moment Matters!

As seen in    With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas ahead, I have taken some time to reflect on the past year so far. The amazing friends and family in my life, this incredible, beautiful country we live in and the bounty most of us are surrounded by. Sometimes losing someone dear to you brings […]

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Multi-Sided Fireplaces

Have you always wanted a multi-sided fireplace? To be able to see fire from all sides and bask in the glow, warmth and ambiance of a mess and fuss free natural gas or propane flame is a dream of many homeowners, and here at The Original Flame, our goal is to make this a simple project – […]

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