Ethanol fireplaces
Ethanol Fireplaces

Decoflame Ambiance


Ethanol fireplaces are a wonderful addition for any space – they feature a “real flame”, put off enough heat to take the dampness out of a room, and are extremely easy to install!

We currently display the Decoflame Ambiance in our showroom, and you will be stunned by the high, beautiful real flame, as well as the amount of heat such a small, sleek and modern fireplace puts off.

Home improvement dream!

Ethanol fireplaces tend to be a renovator’s delight as they can be installed essentially anywhere, and require no wires, gas piping or venting – just mount on the wall like art!

Does ethanol heat? How long do they burn?

 Most of the ethanol fireplaces that we deal with will give a 3-6 hour burn time. You are able to “snuff out” to conserve fuel for a future burn.  Because of the lack of wiring, these fireplaces are able to work in a power failure to provide a bit of backup heat.

How do you operate them?

Ethanol comes in a gallon jug and is a clear liquid made from corn, sugar cane or beets. You fill the reservoir with the fuel and light it. If you want to “turn off” the fireplace you slide the reservoir door closed and the flame is extinguished.

Are ethanol fireplaces tested for safety?

All of the Decoflame fireplaces are ULC approved. Safety is their number one priority. These fireplaces come with glass doors as an integral part of the fireplace. Helping to control the flames as well as reduce the risk of burns.

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