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4 Simple Ways to Bring Warmth to Your Home

Fire is a design element that brings warmth and a feeling of relaxation and welcome to any space. Check out these hot hearth trends that you can implement yourself, or with minimal construction.

Ethanol fireplaces- these stunning fireplaces are picture perfect for the “do it your selfers!” They simply hang on a wall and showcase the flames like art, no venting, no mess. Ethanol fireplaces can warm up your office space, turn your bathroom into a spa, or bring relaxation and romance to your bedroom.

Electric fireplaces- electric fireplaces have come a long way from your grandparent’s dusty old fake fireplace. The new modern electric fireplaces also hang on the wall or can be recessed into the wall with minimal work. Electric fireplaces come with contemporary crystals or traditional logs for the fire-bed and often have mood back lighting. Ideal for the rooms where you are creating ambiance but don’t need a lot of heat, such as beautifying your bedroom or making your office space so inviting that you will want to work.

Gas or Propane direct vent stoves- these free standing stoves don’t require a chimney so you can enjoy the flickering flames in virtually any location thanks to direct venting. These fireplaces can heat a small or large area and provide heat in a power failure. There is no real construction required but you will need the appliance installed by a professional gas fitter. Gas stoves are just right for that chilly sun room, to turn that basement work space into the perfect place for productivity or in the great room to create a gathering place for family and friends.

Fire tables-complete your outdoor space with a self contained fire table, creating a welcoming atmosphere in your backyard. These tables, bowls or fire pits connect to a propane tank or you can have them professionally connected to your natural gas supply. These unique fire features offer a little extra warmth and lighting on those spring, summer and fall evenings.

With so many different fuel choices available the options are endless – bedroom, bathroom, office, sun room or even outside in your outdoor entertaining space, let your imagination go!

Originally published in Cottage Country Connection, February 2016

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