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5 Outdoor Elements You Can Afford


Sitting outside with friends on a cool spring evening, watching the flickering flames of a fire and hearing the sizzle of dinner cooking on the grill. Ahh… It seems like a dream but spring is on its way and its time to start planning your outdoor getaway spaces.

Here are 5 elements to work into your ideal outdoor space when you are on a budget.

Grilling – All you need is a BBQ and perhaps a small portable kitchen cabinet that you can wheel outside for some counter and storage space. Also take your cooler out for frosty drinks and to keep food cold till you are ready to cook.

Fireplace Area – Fire is a necessary element to create a warm, gathering place on those cool evenings and to provide a focal point for your space. You can use a portable fire pot that burns gel fuel; these are fantastic as they are wind resistant unlike candles. To create a statement without a lot of extra work, a propane fire table that converts into a dining table or coffee table is a great idea.

Landscaping – Something as simple as arranging potted plants or creating a garden with natural stone accents (with stones you found in a field) and perhaps a fruit tree to provide a bit of shade.

Water – if you don’t have a pool or pond in your backyard, you can install a portable water fountain to bring that soothing sound to your outdoor oasis. Just fill with water and plug it in!

Lighting – you will want to make the most of your summer evenings so you can use candles in lanterns, fire pots or torches to light the way to your tranquil sanctuary.

Originally published in Cottage Country Connection, April 2016


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