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6 Reasons to Consider Fireplace Inserts in Your Home

Home and hearth never looked better with this energy-efficient makeover!

Even if you love the ambiance of a wood fire on a cold winter evening, you are probably aware that brick and mortar fireplaces are notoriously inefficient in terms of home heating. Unless you have money to burn, you need a sealed fireplace insert in place that burns more efficiently than a big, breezy fire box. The good news is that you don’t have to give up the romance of flickering flames to save on your home heating bills. Contemporary fireplace inserts fit right inside your existing fireplace, and they are cost-effective, clean and efficient in terms of energy use. Our eclectic selection of electric, propane, wood or pellet fireplace inserts shrink your carbon footprint a few sizes while keeping your home looking fabulous. Still not completely convinced? Learn more compelling reasons to look into fireplace inserts below.

gas fireplace insert1. Gas fireplace inserts cost less than masonry repair.

If you have a fireplace that is original to your home, at some point you will need to budget for repairs. Although brick is designed to last for decades, damage, daily use and lack of regular maintenance take their toll on fireplaces and chimneys. The typical cost of having your fireplace chimney redone is $1,000 to $5,000. In contrast, you can pay much less to have a gas or propane fireplace insert installed and forego the disruption of fireplace demolition and reconstruction.

A fireplace with an insert:

  • Is less costly than refurbishing bricks and mortar
  • Is maintenance-free
  • Requires no demolition/reconstruction

2. A clean-burning propane fireplace insert beautifies your home.

You will still have that classic ambiance of a hearth as the centerpiece of your home, but it will not be littered with wood chips or marred with soot from an open fire. When you add a fuel-efficient gas or pellet fireplace insert to your household, you are adding a sleek, modern appliance that blends effortlessly with any type of home décor. We offer a wide array of choices:

  • The clean lines of Regency and Archguard fireplace inserts, made right here in Canada
  • The luxurious style of Mendota gas fireplace inserts

3. Inserts are more reliable and convenient than an open fireplace.

When the power grid goes down, whether for an hour or a few days, you may have relied on your fireplace to keep your family warm. However, a wood or gas fireplace insert does that and more. These appliances work without electricity and provide you with more even and continuous heating than your old, drafty fireplace. On an everyday basis, they work with a remote controller, so wherever you happen to be, you have the ability to maintain a comfortable environment in your home.

Even if you outfit your traditional fireplace with a wood fireplace insert, you could avoid saving energy if you tried. While up to 90 percent of the heat in an open fireplace escapes up the chimney, an insert conserves 75 percent or more of the heat it generates. This warmth stays inside where you need it rather than heating the great outdoors.

A reliable gas or wood fireplace insert:

  • Works during power failures
  • Provides even, continuous heat
  • Burns fuel efficiently
  • Has remote controls

4. Electric fireplace inserts offer quick installation for an instant transformation.

If your goal is to make your fireplace instantly more efficient with a minimum of fuss, an electric fireplace insert may be just what you are looking for. We carry Amantii electric fireplace insert models, which range in design from traditional to contemporary.

These state-of-the-art electric inserts offer the convenience of easy installation, the latest energy-saving technology and the good looks that enhance the esthetic and resale value of your home. Zero emissions, hidden venting and remote control are some of the premium benefits you will enjoy with this type of appliance. The Fire and Ice feature lets you transform the ambiance of any room with different colou
rs of flames, such as violet and rose.

Electric inserts offer the following benefits:

  • State of the art technology
  • Convenient installation
  • Energy-savings
  • Good looks

5. A fireplace insert is ideal for zone heating.

Contemporary fireplace inserts deliver significant energy savings by acting as zone heaters in the rooms your family uses most. The living room is the first that comes to mind, but an insert is also an energy-efficient choice for your:

  • Family room
  • Master suite
  • Kitchen
  • Workshop
  • Hobby room

When your kids are away at university, for example, you can seal off their bedrooms to save on heating while using inserts wherever you have a fireplace. This strategy keeps the particular zones you are using comfortable and cozy. That way, you won’t be spending your fuel dollars on unoccupied space, yet you will have efficiently heated living areas that yield utility savings.

Zone heating with an insert:

  • Is energy-efficient
  • Keeps your living areas comfortable
  • Saves money on your heating bills

6. A wood, gas, pellet or propane fireplace insert offers the versatility you crave.

When you select one of our fireplace inserts, you will appreciate the variety of choices they present. First, you have your selection of fuels: wood, natural gas, electricity, wood pellets or liquid propane. Next, each manufacturer offers different designs, so you can opt for the insert that will suit your home décor the best. Finally, each brand has additional features such as flame colour control or remote operation.

Fireplace inserts offer a variety of options, such as:

  • Different fuel sources
  • Designs
  • Brand features

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