Amantii Electric Fireplaces at The Original Flame

Being an Amantii fireplace dealer, The Original Flame houses a range of Amantii electric fireplaces and inserts in its showroom in Peterborough.

With over 40 years of experience in the fireplace manufacturing industry, Amantii Electric Fireplaces have become a part of homes in Canada, USA, and Europe. We are based in Canada and supply high-quality electric fireplaces and inserts from Amantii that are perfect for offices, homes, restaurants, and commercial settings. We suggest you buy Amantii electric fireplaces and inserts because of their innovative designs and attributes like mood-setting back-lighting and finishes.

The products from Amantii Electric Fireplaces can be installed anywhere you desire and we have an installation service. The electric fireplaces and inserts are a great alternative to the gas fireplaces and inserts as they require you to make provisions for gas lines that are usually expensive.

Amantii Electric fireplace:

The electric fireplaces manufactured by Amantii and supplied by us are tested and highly efficient. The Amantii fireplaces are also known for durability, low-maintenance. It is a one-time investment. An electric fireplace from Amantii will not put a stress on your utility bills as they consume less power. You will find Panorama Series, Tru-View-XL Series, and Wall Mount/Flush Mount series at our showroom in Peterborough.

Amantii Electric fireplace inserts:

With Amantii electric fireplace inserts, you do not need to worry about the installation process. The inserts can be installed in all the models of open fireplaces. The inserts will lower your utility bills a notch more than the fireplaces by blocking the heat loss up your chimney. The Original Flame displays electric fireplace inserts from Amantii that will enhance the aesthetics of your home and keep you warm for a long time.

The Original Flame is an expert guide for anyone buying a fireplace, fireplace inserts, cookstoves or BBQ. Electric appliances and gadgets have become a part of our lives and electric fireplaces and inserts seem to be a wise choice.

For more information about Amantii products supplied by The Original Flame, feel free to contact at 705-742-9452.

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