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Archgard Optima 45: Advantages of a Freestanding Gas Fireplace



As we move into our fall rush, we’re excited to be offering a great deal on our Archgard Optima 45 freestanding gas stove – and I’m blogging to explain some of the cool features of not only this particular fireplace, but some characteristics of most freestanding fireplaces.

One thing that some clients learn as they go through the process of shopping for a fireplace is that if you’re looking for:

  • simple
  • quick
  • efficient heat
  • backup heat in a power failure

Available in natural gas or propane, the Optima 45 is a heater grade freestanding gas fireplace.  What this means is that the beautiful triple paned bay window has 3 individual pieces of heater rated ceramic glass that radiate heat – this glass is known for its ability to radiate heat better than steel or cast iron!  A heat activated blower takes care of the convection heat and moves heat into the space efficiently – and a rheostat allows you to adjust the intensity of the blower, as well as turn it off.

I would like to suggest that there are some cost-saving factors to a freestanding gas stove:

  • are decorated “out of the box” – the client chooses options, but there isn’t a “finish” necessary to have to make decisions on and shop for.
  • tend to be very fuel efficient
  • are extremely easy to clean and to service
  • generally have very easy to access blower compartments
  • are fairly flexible with installation location in a home

Please feel free to drop by the store or contact us for a quote!  We’d love your business and are really liking the Optima 45 and all our other freestanding gas stoves.

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