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Thinking About Fireplaces … Here’s What You Need To Know!

A good fireplace is one of the most exquisite creature comforts anyone can enjoy in their home. Fireplaces do wonders in making your domestic environment feel warm, cozy and inviting. And it’s the perfect refuge from the elements when winter’s icy chill comes to pervade the air. Despite these obviously alluring qualities, however, most regard […]

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Extend Swimming Season With a Pool Heater Installation

Want to stretch your pool season? Just add heated water. Get the most from your backyard swimming pool with a gas pool heater installation. It will keep the water invitingly warm rain or shine, allowing your family to enjoy it earlier in the spring and later in autumn. With a simple gas line installation, your […]

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Maintenance Plans For All Your Heating, Cooling, and Fireplace Products

What if we told you there was an easy, affordable way to save money while enjoying greater year-round comfort? It might sound hard to believe, but it’s actually HVAC 101. Simply put, routine heating and cooling maintenance is the best way to ensure your Northeastern Ontario home remains cozy and efficient in any weather. The […]

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Propane, Gas or Charcoal – What BBQ Grill is Right For You?

Peak grill season always hits during the summer. With friends and family starting to get together to enjoy the warm and inviting summer weather, a good bbq grill is often just the thing needed. An outdoor grill completes that classic picture of family-oriented summer fun that we all know and love so much. Whether you’re […]

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Keep Your Cool This Summer With A Complete HVAC Review

As the summer hits its stride and the weather proceeds to heat up, millions of people will find their air conditioners swiftly climbing the ranks to become their household’s most indispensable appliance. The sweltering heat of summer, especially if coupled with humidity, can be unbearable without an AC to tide you over. But as your […]

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Gas Line Installations For All Your Gas Appliance Needs (Inside & Outdoors)

Natural gas heating systems and the gas lines through which they function really are among the unsung miracles of modern life. So many of the creature comforts of home that we all take for granted probably all have some such system as the backbone of their existence. Without reliable gas line installations, a significant part […]

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It’s Time To Get Cooking With BBQs & Grills

As we move further into spring and the weather begins warming up, the urge to call friends and relatives together and fire up those bbqs & grills is bound to begin making itself felt. However,  the summer months will be when grill mania truly roars back to life. And that, of course, still gives you […]

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Gas Fireplaces – The Perfect Choice For Your Home!

Close your eyes and imagine a home outfitted with the perfect glowing fireplace. Images and sensations of warmth and coziness no doubt immediately come to mind. As does a sense of comfort, sophistication and plain old aesthetic beauty. Perhaps when you imagine a fireplace in your home, you think of the traditional wood fireplace. If […]

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Spring is Coming, Is Your Air Conditioner Ready?

Once winter months pass, the warm days come quickly. Preparing for those hotter spring days and soon-to-be summer days starts with checking your air conditioner system for irregularities and problems. As soon as the heat hits, your Air Conditioner (AC unit) has to work. If you don’t already have one already, you may want to […]

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10 Common Myths People Believe About Fireplaces

Believe It Or Not – Fireplace Myths You Should Be Aware Of! The right fireplace can be a spectacular addition to virtually any home. Of course, it has the obvious practical benefit of being able to heat your home and keep you nice and warm during frigid weather, but it can also carry a certain […]

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