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Key Benefits Of Owning A Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are undoubtedly one of the world’s most outstanding domestic technological marvels. Though we may sometimes take them for granted if we give the matter some thought. We’ll see that they’re one of the main sources of heat. And for many a welcomed sense of comfort in their home. Especially as the winter months […]

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Why Regular Maintenance Of Your HVAC System Is Important

HVAC systems provide heating, cooling, and ventilation to all kinds of buildings. Which makes them indispensable to creating any sort of even reasonably comfortable indoor environment. As with so many other things, however, HVAC systems break down and degrade over time and with prolonged use. If you want to stay comfortable at work or at […]

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Transparent Pricing

We’re one of those stores you walk around in and don’t see price tags.  As a consumer, that makes me cringe.  And we’re going to help clarify our pricing – because we want to be transparent.  For this blog, I’d like to start talking in terms of the entry-level and helping people understand that the […]

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We’ve made some changes.

A Message from the desk of David Eyre It’s been a while! I was on an almost two year hiatus out of the industry and am back running the store and managing sales. The Original Flame is under new ownership; Michele has retired and Jim Harrison of JRH Enterprises is the new owner. Jim brings […]

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6 Reasons to Consider Fireplace Inserts in Your Home

Home and hearth never looked better with this energy-efficient makeover! Even if you love the ambiance of a wood fire on a cold winter evening, you are probably aware that brick and mortar fireplaces are notoriously inefficient in terms of home heating. Unless you have money to burn, you need a sealed fireplace insert in […]

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Top BBQ and Grill Maintenance Tips To Know

There’s nothing quite like firing up the BBQ Grill and enjoying some juicy steaks, ribs, hamburgers or other food with family and friends. Whether you’re planning a barbecue as part of a holiday celebration with your loved ones or just want to get some good food ready so you and your friends can enjoy the […]

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Update Your Home or Living Space With A Natural Gas Fireplace

There’s something almost magical about basking in the warmth and glow of real flames on a chilly evening. When the winds of winter begin to blow into Northeastern Ontario, a natural gas fireplace can bring you comfort without the hassle of burning wood. Don’t just resign yourself to trudging through another dull and dreary season. […]

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Is Your Furnace Ready For The Wintery Season?

No matter the weather outside, it seems that winter is never far away when you live in Northeastern Ontario. That’s why clever homeowners use the warmer months to ensure they’re prepared to ride out the cold in style. At The Original Flame, we take pride in helping our fellow Ontarians stay comfortable and save money […]

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Retro Style Kitchen Appliances & Wood Cook Stoves Are Making a Comeback

It’s ironic and counterintuitive to think that retro might be the wave of the future. And yet, in ever more areas of life, this really seems to be the case. The steady advance of technology has allowed us to enjoy many conveniences at home that would make previous generations green with envy. And yet, the […]

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It’s AC Season: Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioners

As we slide ever deeper into the summer months and the weather heats up, more and more people are going to be using their air conditioners to stay cool at home. With increased use, however, comes a greater strain on each system and an increased risk that something in it will get worn down or […]

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