Dangers of Creosote In Wood Stoves

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Does my gas fireplace need cleaning?

So you have a new gas fireplace, no more ashes, no more mess! Cleanings and inspections are often overlooked because gas burns so cleanly; people assume that cleanings are not required. Annual inspections and cleaning are important to the visual look, performance, and safety of your gas fireplace, even though they are much less maintenance […]

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Tips to Buy and Install the Perfect Jotul Stove

Planning to buy a Jotul stove fireplace? Then you must have done some research and chosen Jotul due to their great reviews and customer satisfaction guarantee. Being a renowned manufacturer and supplier of stoves, the company knows that choosing the perfect stove can be baffling! Check out this interesting infographic for further details: There are […]

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Can I Install a LCD or Plasma TV Above a Fireplace?

Can I install a LCD or plasma TV above a fireplace?  Our friends at Regency Fireplaces have answered this FAQ for us…  When installing a TV above a fireplace clearances to combustibles around and above fireplaces are not the same as clearances to TV’s and other electronic appliances. Televisions and electronics in general are manufactured […]

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