How to Extend the Life of My Fireplace or Stove?

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What is the Best Location to Install a Chimney System and Why is it so?

We often meet customers on a regular basis who have plenty of concerns regarding the installation and maintenance of the chimney system. Many customers are worried about the performance of the wood-burning fireplaces because of the chimney. It is extremely crucial to properly select a chimney and then effectively execute its installation and in most […]

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Safe Ways to Dispose Ashes from Your Wood Stove or Fireplace

Canadian homes need to have a fireplace not as a mark of luxury but as a necessity, due to the extreme chilly weather conditions. Any individual who owns a fireplace, undoubtedly adds an element of style and sophistication, due to the amazing designs of these fireplaces. However just as with great power comes greater responsibilities, […]

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6 Lesser-Known Fireplace Facts

Fireplaces are one of the best things about cold winter evenings. Though it has been a central point of innumerable houses, keeping people warm for ages, there is much more to it than meets the eye. This handy infographic illustrates such interesting facts:. Not all Fireplaces create smoke – The chimney of the fireplace is […]

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