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We now carry kitchen appliances from the Elmira Stove Works line. Elmira makes beautiful, made-to-order appliances out of Elmira, Ontario. They are designed for kitchens all over Canada with a need and/or desire for special, handpicked appliances.

We’re also bringing more warmth to your home with our collection of cookstoves from Elmira Cookstoves.

They include:

Wood-burning cookstoves

Elmira wood-burning cookstoves come with the perfect size of firebox needed to keep burning through the night. Fewer trips to the woodbox, helps you avoid the stress of refilling often. The firebox also provides you with a view of the fire to add a warm glow to your cooking space, while allowing you to monitor your fire.

Depending on your chosen model, there are several additional features you might love such as the Nickel designs, and water jackets.

Our wood burning stoves will fill your home with the warmth of age-old cooking solutions that can satisfy all your cooking needs while releasing you from the worries of renewable energy and fuel consumption.

Electric cookstoves

Elmira electric cookstoves come with sleek, eye-catching designs and easy-to-clean tops that make them convenient for regular use.

They also provide electric heating elements (like a convection option for even distribution of hot air) to ensure even cooking and baking of your food, and to avoid hotspots.

Gas cookstoves

Elmira gas cookstoves are very efficient as they provide instant heat. The flames can be controlled to cook your food at just the right temperature.
They are also very durable with metal grate tops to support your choice of cookware.

These gas cookstoves are perfect for everyday use and can be used in emergency situations like power outages.

Gas and woodburning combination cookstoves

The Elmira dual-fuel cookstoves offer flexibility in the choice of cooking fuel. These cookstoves (available in the Fireview range) allow you to enjoy both benefits of using gas and wood, alternating to suit your fuel option.

Appliances we carry:

Designs and Finishing

The beautiful designs and finishing available will blend in easily with your kitchen as we have a range of designs to choose from. To suit your taste and compliment the design of your home, here are the ranges we offer:

Antique Range

The cookstoves in this range come with features such as self-cleaning ovens, customized cooktops, a food warmer, electric smooth top control on STE models and a “feather touch” control panel.  They are also designed to fit right into an antique kitchen with genuine nickel trims and optional antique copper trims.

Other appliances offered in this range are:

  • Refrigerators
  • Wall Ovens
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwasher panels

Northstar Retro Range

The cookstoves in this range are the Model 1947 Six-burner 36” Pro-style Dual Fuel Range.
Their features include high-speed radiant electric elements, sealed gas burners, self-cleaning ovens, a convection option (for even hot air circulation), a warmer, and electronic clocks and controls.

Other appliances offered in this range are:

  • Refrigerators
  • Keg fridges
  • Custom airbrushed fridges
  • Microwaves
  • Hoods and splashbacks
  • Dishwasher panels

Fireview Wood Cookstove

This range includes the Fireview Wood burning stove with essential features like a firebox, spacious 3.0 cubic foot oven, overhead and side warmers, and also, optional water jackets to replace the corresponding fire bricks and supply hot water for your home.

There are three models available including a wood-burning only model, and a dual-fuel (wood-burning and gas) model.

Want a unique touch to your kitchen? Browse our collection of Elmira Cookstoves and appliances today.

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