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The Original Flame Inc. is specialized in supplying high-quality fireplaces, fireplace inserts, stoves as well as cookstoves and BBQ grills. We house kitchen appliances manufactured by Elmira Stove Works and offer them at an affordable rate.

Elmira Stove Works has been in the kitchen appliances manufacturing industry for over three generations and have the knowhow to develop high-quality products. Based in Ontario, Elmira has spread its wings all over the country. We, at The Original Flame, are taking Elmira kitchen appliances to the homes in Peterborough.


Elmira Stove Works manufactures a range of cookstoves—wood, electric, and gas. Being an Elmira stove dealer, you will also find gas and wood-burning combination cookstoves at our showroom. The cookstoves appliances have a higher efficiency rate and spreads heat evenly. Fireview Wood Cookstove from Elmira is extremely popular in this region.


The refrigerators from Elmira Stove Works come in several models and you can choose from antique to retro styling, in many colours. Special care is taken to manufacture and give the finishing touch to the refrigerators by the Elmira team. We assure that all the products are tested and verified.


The microwaves from Elmira Stove Works come with features like sensor reheat, inverter turbo defrost, popcorn key, child safety lock, etc. You can cook delicious dishes with the help of Elmira microwaves without spending too much time in the kitchen. Shop Elmira microwaves from our showroom at Peterborough at an affordable rate. You can choose from all the Elmira models here.

Dishwashers, panels:

Dishwashers along with panels are essential in every household. The appliance saves a lot of time and you can find the models at The Original Flame.

Wall Ovens:

Wall ovens from Elmira Stove Works are a great way of saving kitchen space. You will find some of the most popular Elmira wall ovens at our store.

  • Northstar Retro Range: The Northstar range includes cookstoves, refrigerators, keg fridges, custom airbrushed fridges, microwaves, hoods and splashbacks, and dishwasher panels.
  • Antique Range: The Antique range includes cookstoves, refrigerators, wall ovens, microwaves, and dishwasher panels.

The Original Flame, the Elmira appliances dealer also supplies both Northstar Retro Range and Antique Range products from Elmira Stove Works.

For more information about Elmira Stove Works products supplied by The Original Flame, feel free to contact at 705-742-9452.

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