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With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas ahead, I have taken some time to reflect on the past year so far. The amazing friends and family in my life, this incredible, beautiful country we live in and the bounty most of us are surrounded by. Sometimes losing someone dear to you brings everything else into focus.
As a company, we have embraced Hospice Peterborough’s “Every Moment Matters” campaign. I was asked why we choose to support Hospice Peterborough. I, personally, have had quite a few people pass on this year, some expected, some unexpected. Hospice Peterborough has really touched my life throughout this last year. They have assisted people I know to pass on in as much comfort as possible and helped those of us left behind to move forward when it seems an impossible task. So this seems like the time to give back to the community and be grateful for many things, in particular, the special people in our lives. In this busy life we all lead, now is the time to go for a walk with a loved one or friend, sit in front of the fire and talk about what’s happening in our lives, make that phone call to someone we have lost touch with.

With the Christmas holidays approaching, take time out of your schedule to connect with the people around you, whether it is a kind word to a stranger, time with your children or
grandchildren, or getting together with your friends and family over the holidays. All we have is NOW, so embrace every moment, or as Hospice Peterborough says, “Every Moment Matters”.

Submitted by Michele Kadwell-Chalmers
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