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Extend Swimming Season With a Pool Heater Installation

Want to stretch your pool season? Just add heated water.

Get the most from your backyard swimming pool with a gas pool heater installation. It will keep the water invitingly warm rain or shine, allowing your family to enjoy it earlier in the spring and later in autumn. With a simple gas line installation, your local pool heating specialist can deliver more hours of fun, fitness and family time right in your own back yard. Clean-burning natural gas is a great option for your entire home, but especially economical for swimming pool heating.

Gas Supply Installation

Gas Lines & Pool Heater Installation

Need a gas line, or pool heater installation, turn to The Original Flame/JRH Enterprises Heating & Cooling.

You can use natural gas or liquid propane to power a gas pool heater. If you don’t currently have a source of this fuel, a licensed gas fitter can either provide gas line installation or create an access line that draws upon your propane storage tank. And then they can proceed with your pool heater installation.

Incidentally, this is a great time to connect your gas grill too. With a dependable source of fuel, you won’t have to worry about running out before your food is ready. Your family can enjoy outdoor living to the fullest, swimming all afternoon and then eating in the open air.

How Does a Gas Pool Heater Work?

Once you have a gas supply in place, your local pool heating specialist will hook up your gas pool heater. It works like an on-demand water heater. Pool water enters the unit’s combustion chamber through intake coils, and absorbs the heat created by burning fuel before returning to your pool.

Unlike a heat pump pool heating system, a gas heater maintains its efficiency even when the outdoor temperature plummets. Unlike solar heating, a gas-powered heater works rain or shine. That means it is an ideal choice if you want to extend your swimming season.

The Advantages of a Gas Pool Heater

One big advantage of having a gas pool heater installed, is quicker heating in cooler outdoor temperatures. In general, this kind of heater has a higher BTU rating than solar or electric options, so it speeds up the heating process.

Even if you normally keep your pool cooler to save energy when not in use, a gas pool heater can bring it up to your comfort level within a few hours, depending on water capacity. If you have a graduation party coming up or houseguests in town, a heated swimming pool will get lots of use.

The U.S. Masters Swimming Association recommends a temperature range between 77 and 82 degrees F for active swimming. The World Health Organization suggests keeping the pool between 78 and 86 F for recreation use. When swimming during chillier spring and fall weather in the Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes region, warmer pool temps minimize the risk of hypothermia too.

Another advantage of a gas pool heater is its small footprint. All you need is a gas line installation and the unit itself. Oh and the electrical of course. And that’s it.

Also, installation is simpler and less costly than heating systems that require more steps and additional components. You’ll even save on your purchase of a gas pool heater, which is typically lower in cost than either a solar or a heat pump pool heating system.

How to Get the Most from Your Gas Pool Heater

The first step in extending your swimming pool season is choosing a dependable, high-quality heating appliance. We work with local pool heating specialists that can help by sitting down with you to discuss your options. The size of your pool, its location – full sun or partial shade – and your usage habits all have a bearing on the right pool heater for you.

Once you have made your purchase and your professional installation is complete (including your gas line hookup), you should enjoy many months of efficient use. Just like any heating and cooling appliance, though, yearly maintenance will help extend the life of your pool heater. During an annual maintenance appointment, your swimming pool technician typically:

  • Checks pipes for cracks or leaks
  • Goes over the gas supply line connections, looking for any leakage
  • Inspects inner workings and extracts any debris
  • Removes elements with mineral buildup and scrubs them clean
  • Checks the unit’s burners for signs of wear
  • Replaces parts if needed

You can help keep your pool heater in good working order by checking for water leaks every so often. You should remove any dry leaves, dirt or other debris from the outside of the unit to prevent it from becoming clogged. Additionally, if your heater runs on liquid propane, be sure to check the fuel supply tank and have it refilled before it is empty.

Experts recommend getting your tank refilled when it still has a couple pounds of fuel left. If your fuel comes from a 100-gallon or larger stationary tank, simply check the gauge on the top of the tank and call your delivery truck when the arrow reaches the red zone.

You can weigh a smaller portable tank to find out how much fuel remains. Then subtract the tare weight, which is imprinted on the collar of the tank. For example, if the tare weight is 14 pounds and your tank’s total weight is 16 pounds, you have about 2 pounds of fuel left.

Of course, getting a licensed gas fitter to hook you up is far simpler in the long-term because you don’t have to worry about running out. Natural gas comes from major pipelines which supply city systems. Your municipal gas main routes your natural gas to your home. That’s why tapping into this resource for both extended pool heating and outdoor grilling is your most convenient alternative.

Where to Find Pool Heating Supplies and Installation in the Peterborough Region

Get the information you need to make a smart choice in pool heating for the Kawartha Lakes area. At JRH Enterprises Heating & Cooling, we know the local weather and which pool heaters work best. We also offer pool heater installation and service. Give us a call or stop by today.

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