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Fire & Water; Two Features You Need in Your Backyard Design!

Now that spring is here, our thoughts go to sprucing up the backyard, awakening our gardens and dreaming of an outdoor retreat. When designing a space for relaxation and entertaining, two of the most sought after features to enhance the area are fire tables or fire pits, and water fountains or waterfalls. Both fire and water speak to our souls as they instinctively draw us together creating a tranquil oasis where we can rest with family and friends. Whether it’s gazing into dancing flames of a fire in the evening or lying in your hammock while listening to the trickle of a water fountain; these two elements give our brains and our senses a rest from the over-stimulation of our busy lives and create a focal point to our backyard sanctuary.

Even if you don’t have a large back yard or a large budget, you can achieve amazing results! If you have a small deck or even a balcony you can transform your space and create an incredible effect with a table top water fountain and perhaps a gel fueled fire pot. If you have a spacious area such as a garden or pool patio, a full sized fire table can double as a coffee table in the day and a fire pit at night. A larger LED lit water fountain in the garden can complete the ambiance and make quite an impact on those peaceful summer evenings. With Canadian winters feeling so long, we can enjoy the outdoors in spring and fall with the help of a fire element. Plan your back yard area now; don’t put it off for another year!

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