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Fireplace Safety – Have you Considered These?

So… are you ready for the cold winter?

Getting the fireplace ready is one of the first things that Canadians do, as the temperature starts dipping. The family gathers around the fireplace, soaking up the warmth and the pleasing light of the fireplace. Nothing can create the winter holiday ambience better than a lighted fireplace and a happy family around it!

But, how often do you consider the safety factors, before you start your fireplace or even while you are using it? If you are wondering, if anything can be done for safety purpose when using a fireplace, here are some important considerations.

This infographic reveals a lot:

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First and foremost, did you maintain your fireplace?

If you have installed a new fireplace, you do not have to worry about this. But, if you are using it for a long time, you need to ensure that it is regularly maintained. This will help in not just improving the life of the fireplace, but also ensure no sudden emergencies or disruptions. Professional help with repairs and maintenance is easily available. The Original Flame provides routine maintenance services, which includes the essential task of cleaning. So, all that you need to do is get in touch with them and your work is done!

Once that is done, check for the following –

Is there a safety screen?

This is of utmost importance when you are using a fireplace. Does your fireplace have a safety door or a safety screen? Is there any other suitable accessory which offers protection? If no, get this right away! You will get it easily from your dealer, who will install it as well.

Maintain a Safe Distance – Nothing should be near the fireplace

Check the space around your fireplace. There shouldn’t be any furniture, objects, clothing or any material at least within 36” from the fireplace. This region gets heated up quite quickly and can be a safety hazard.

Do Not Touch the Glass

The glass on the fireplace remains hot for at least sixty minutes, after the fireplace is switched off. The best way to ensure safety is to not touch the glass or its surrounding surface for at least an hour after you have turned off the fireplace. If you have small children at home, have someone to supervise them so that they do not crawl or move towards the glass. If there are pets at home, you need to be careful as well.

Where is the remote handset?

This is a common problem of many households – a considerable time is spent in looking for the remote-control handset! It must have happened at your place too.

No – it might not seem to be something serious, but do you know that if the battery is removed from the handset, your remote shall be disabled? Now, this can be a serious problem and cause unwanted hassles. Keep the remote-control handset in one secure place, which can be reached only by adults.

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