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Wood Fireplaces

The Wood Fireplaces Peterborough Loves to Cozy Up With

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Warm up your home and enjoy the scent and crackle of burning wood with Valcourt wood fireplaces. Peterborough homeowners and builders have relied on the Valcourt name for ambiance and performance for more than 20 years.

What is more important to you?

  • Ambiance
  • Performance

For ambiance

We offer wood fireplaces Peterborough homeowners use to make rooms more elegant and inviting. These fireplaces bring the comfort and atmosphere of a wood fire to your everyday life. They are purpose built to fit with the prevailing home design trends of the moment, and fit seamlessly as a centerpiece or secondary feature where family and friends congregate.

  • See through models
  • guillotine sliding doors for that “open” fireplace look
  • retractable doors with screen doors, no more fighting with screen curtains
  • modern and traditional styling to fit every decor

Just because they look great doesn’t mean they can’t be efficient!

Valcourt wood fireplaces also come in clean burning designs, which fall well below the emission limits proposed by the U.S. EPA Voluntary Wood Fireplace Program. You can get beauty without sacrificing your environmentally conscious habits.

Wood Fireplaces Peterborough

See thru wood fireplace Westmount

Wood Fireplaces Peterborough

Antoinette wood fireplace with guillotine doors

For performance

You can also choose from designs aimed at efficiency first and aesthetic second. They’re still beautiful, but they’re purpose built to provide exceptional heat to fuel ratios.

Our high efficiency fireplaces can heat areas up to 2,800 sq ft while maintaining emissions below efficiency limits imposed by the EPA.

  • overnight burn times
  • 77% efficiency so that you can save money on your wood consumption
  • blowers to help move that heat

For the ultimate in home heating via wood and flame, we offer Mass Fireplaces. These magnificent fireplaces make your home unique and provide an efficient heat source. The soapstone construction holds heat so well that the warmth from a single fire can slowly be released to your home all day long.

Choose one of our wood fireplaces, Peterborough, and start living the life you daydream about.

Full Service Boutique

Visit us for full service, from purchase to installation and ongoing service. Our family wants your family and friends to come together around the fire for years to come.

Find your perfect fireplace where warmth and style meet. Get in touch with us today.

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