Gas Inserts

Gas inserts bring warmth & style to your drafty fireplace!

Contemporary, cozy and convenient, propane or gas inserts bring life to your old fireplace. Many open fireplaces are used at Christmas only and the rest of the year are just black holes that suck heat up the chimney.

Installing a gas insert into your fireplace opening this stops the heat loss from your home even when you’re not using the fireplace.

You can easily install a gas insert into your existing masonry fireplace and stop losing up to 90% of your heat up the chimney! Check out this handy gas insert measurement worksheet.

Save money by using your gas insert to zone heat!

Turn down your furnace and use your propane or gas insert to heat the room your family gathers in you can save you money on your annual heating bill. These fireplaces provide constant, controllable heat even in a power failure!

Gas inserts Regency

Regency LRI 4 gas insert

gas inserts Regency

Regency is a Canadian company that offers a wide range of design options on their quality inserts.

Archgard is a Canadian manufacturer of excellent gas fireplace inserts known for their clean face design and wall to wall flames.


Advantages of propane or gas inserts:

  • clean and convenient, no ash, no bark, no bugs
  • works with a remote control or the flick of a switch
  • provides heat in a power failure
  • brings a tired looking fireplace back to life
  • stops heat loss
  • zone heating, heat the room
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