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Gas Fireplace Trends for Fall/Winter 2021

The fall season of 2021 is dawning, and winter isn’t far behind. Since the weather is beginning to chill down in general — and since Canadian winters are known to be especially brutal in particular — heating your home properly may soon become a challenge. The ways of meeting this challenge are many and varied. But perhaps none are able to combine raw effectiveness and practicality with aesthetic beauty and pure homeliness in quite the way that installing a gas fireplace does.

Kingsman Vent Free Gas Fireplace

Kingsman Vent Free Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are eminently practical things — we all need to stay warm, of course — but they are so much more than this. Just as often, they are beautiful and majestic additions to your home that help you make an unforgettable fashion statement. And as such, gas fireplaces can be just as much the subjects of vogues and trends as clothes or music styles can be.

We all want to stay warm for the winter, and we all want to be cool. The Original Flame is here to tell homeowners all across Northeastern Ontario and the Kawartha Lakes region that you don’t have to choose between the two. With our help, your home can both feel cozy and look cool this fall and winter.

So, what are some of the evolving and emerging trends and fashions for fireplaces that are on the horizon for fall and winter 2021/2022? Here are just a few new ways to make your home the most elegant place on the block.

1. Bigger is Better

More and more homeowners have been deciding of late that size really does matter after all. It’s not at all difficult to see why they would want large fireplaces. Just imagine, for example, an enormous wood fireplace with an inviting fire and a massive chimney standing like an obelisk in your home. Or imagine a natural gas fireplace made with a gargantuan panel that dominates the wall. Apart from the obviously significant heating potential, it’s very hard to miss a thing like that. It gives your living room and obvious centre of gravity, and guests who see it won’t soon forget what they saw.

2. Tall and Vertical

In another trend that’s closely related to the one just mentioned, people are also increasingly taking a liking to tall fireplaces and gas stoves. When we say “tall,” we really mean it. Many of the currently most beloved contemporary gas fireplaces reach all the way from the floor to the ceiling. This makes the fireplace not just an add-on to your home, but a kind of structure in its own right — large, powerful and impressive. When placed either in front of or into your wall, the whole set up exemplifies the ideal of a traditional gas fireplace.

The Original Flame sells and installs gas stoves that precisely exemplify this grand vertical structure, starting from the bottom with a massive firebox and then reaching upward to your ceiling via an exhaust pipe that efficiently distributes to the rest of your heating system and all over your home. The models in this category are made by major manufacturers, like Archgard, Regency and Kingsman. In fact, if you find that gas stoves aren’t to your liking and you prefer a more classical arrangement, we can get you a wood-burning stove as well.

Check out more of our gas stoves here.

3. Gas Fireplaces Provide Versatility & Portability

In some ways, this trend may appear to contradict the two trends that we have just discussed. However, we think that a closer look will ultimately show them all to be compatible.

On the subject of portability, there is no question that gas fireplace inserts are king. Gas fireplace inserts are often thought of as small and unimposing, and while this is sometimes true, it need not be. Recent trends have embraced large gas fireplace inserts that completely cover a wall and overwhelm it — and all onlookers — with the beauty and power of a burning flame.

The fact that these special versions of the natural gas fireplace are not absolutely fixed to any given location also gives them a level of versatility, but we intend to say much more than this when we tell you that versatility is in vogue. In particular, natural gas fireplaces that can be converted from an open mode to a sealed mode have lately been in especially high demand.

Those interested in one of our gas fireplace inserts should look here.

4. Three-or-Four-Sided and in Glass

Probably because it meshes so well with the design of so many homes built in the modern architectural style, gas fireplaces encased in glass have become substantially popular of late. There are two major design styles here: a three-sided one, in which the fireplace juts out from a corner wall and is surrounded by glass along its three other sides; and a four-sided one, in which the entire contemporary gas fireplace is enclosed in a beautiful glass box on all sides, allow you to marvel at its flames from any angle. The latter can be placed either into the middle of a wall, or the glass enclosure can be made into a kind of wall in its own right.

This is swiftly becoming the go-to style for contemporary gas fireplaces, but those enamoured with the style of a traditional gas fireplace — or seeking to combine the traditional with the contemporary — can choose a three-sided design that juts out from a sturdy stone wall.

5. Be Environmentally Responsible with a Gas Fireplace

Last but certainly not least, we come to something that has been a major trend for quite some time now. Not only in the field of gas fireplaces, but when it comes to all sorts of devices and modern conveniences. This trend shows no signs of abating. It continues to blast along at full steam as we head into 2022.

Of course, we’re talking about energy efficiency and about keeping all sorts of waste products to a minimum. Virtually every recently designed natural gas fireplace is extremely energy efficient. The models on offer at the Original Flame, however, are held to an especially high standard. Even the models we sell which can be easily inserted into a stone wall and made to have the look of a traditional gas fireplace distribute heat exceptionally well and don’t allow any energy to go to waste. And because they’re gas fireplaces, none of our models pollute.


With this overview of some of what’s hot in 2021, the only thing left is to find the perfect fireplace and stay warm this coming winter. Whether you long for something modern or you have nostalgia in your heart for a more traditional gas fireplace, there’s still a way for you to be on the cutting edge of this year’s trends.

Check out some of our different gas fireplaces here, and let The Original Flame keep your home warm and looking cool this fall & winter.

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