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Gas Fireplaces – The Perfect Choice For Your Home!

Close your eyes and imagine a home outfitted with the perfect glowing fireplace. Images and sensations of warmth and coziness no doubt immediately come to mind. As does a sense of comfort, sophistication and plain old aesthetic beauty.

Perhaps when you imagine a fireplace in your home, you think of the traditional wood fireplace. If you do, then like many, you might think of the cost and difficulties of installing a chimney. And then wistfully conclude that something like this can never be yours (sigh).

But as much of a hold as wood fireplaces might have on the mind, we can’t emphasize enough that there is so much more available. There’s so much more that awaits anyone who decides to explore the realm of fireplaces. To think only in terms of one type of fireplace is crazy. To decide that one can’t be yours would be selling you and your home sweet home short. There are so many other kinds of fireplace options available to you.

Gas fireplacesGas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces, in particular, can imbue your home with the same kind of charm and romance as old-style fireplaces. But because they’re built with modern technology, they don’t don’t have the sorts of disadvantages that might worry you. Indeed, a contemporary gas fireplace or a gas fireplace insert carries special advantages all its own. In both practical and aesthetic areas, and even in some ways you might not have thought of.

The Original Flame proudly sells and installs all kinds of natural gas fireplaces to homeowners in the Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes areas. We also want you to be a smart shopper and make the right kind of decision before you transform your home. So, we’re happy to educate you on the many under appreciated wonders of gas fireplaces.

Here are just a few reasons why gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts can be the perfect choice for your home.

They’re Affordable

If you’re the sort of person who worries that installing a fireplace can be a daunting prospect, don’t fret! You might imagine that installing a fireplace would require you to put in a chimney and make a few major renovations to your home, all of which would carry a hefty cost. But a gas fireplace is much easier to install than this. In fact, it can be as easy as simply hanging it on an appropriate wall.

Fireplace gas inserts can potentially make things even easier and bring with them an added convenience. Because our inserts are generally quite small, all you need to do is carve out a space in one of your walls in which to insert them. This is all very affordable and doesn’t require you to make any major changes to the layout of your home. And of course, the units themselves are all affordable too.

The Original Flame is happy to provide inexpensive installation services for you so that you’re left with nothing to worry about. Just sit back and bask in the warmth.

Gas Fireplaces Offer Convenience & Versatility

For a homeowner who can ill afford to monkey around with the layout of his home or embark on any large construction projects, gas fireplace inserts can seem like a godsend — especially during the winter. Depending on what’s most convenient for you, you can opt to place a large gas fireplace in a central location on a wall in your living room. Or you can put a number of smaller inserts into special carved-out crevices in the walls of a few different rooms.

The actual heating mechanism that our units use is extremely versatile and convenient as well. Wood fireplaces essentially burn at only one temperature: the temperature that the fire burns at. But with gas units, everything is automated, allowing you to set things up as you need them. Choose whatever room temperature and warming duration you require, and the system will handle the rest.

Minimal Maintenance

The issue of maintenance also bears briefly discussing. Regular maintenance is essential for maintaining the proper functioning of all kinds of fireplaces. Gas units, however, don’t impose any serious burdens on homeowners in this regard. You won’t spend valuable time scooping up ashes left behind from burning wood or inspecting brickwork for early signs of possible erosion or damage.

A simple annual checkup where you or a trained technician inspects the fireplace and its connections to your home’s thermostat and heating system is generally all that’s needed. And if more serious issues do happen to come up, the Original Flame will be happy to dispatch trained professionals to your home to help you sort things out.

This discussion only scratches the surface of the subject of what gas fireplaces and inserts can do for you and what kinds of heating and design features they have. Since one of our main goals at the Original Flame is to put power at the fingertips of our customers, we’d encourage you to check out some more information about our different kinds of gas-based fireplaces and inserts.

They Are Safe For Your Home

Since natural gas fireplaces don’t actually have any fires burning inside of your home, all of the myriad dangers associated with that can be immediately avoided. However careful you might be, live flames always present a risk. By contrast, with an automated gas fireplace, you can simply set the gas to flow and warm your home when you need it and turn it off when you don’t. You can even pre-program the fireplace to use gas at certain times but not others. Or to automatically shut off once the room temperature rises beyond a certain point.

You can thus be absolutely sure of staying completely safe a home, even as the unit turns up the heat.

Gas Fireplaces Look Beautiful

Everyone wants their home to be a beautiful and inviting places. With the right combination of elements, you can set up a domestic ambiance that makes guests, friends and family simply fall in love. And a gas fireplace can be an integral part of pulling off that effect.

Just because gas fireplaces don’t burn wood doesn’t mean you can use them to create the aesthetic charm of a fireplace that does. As our fireplaces release gas and warm up a room, they’ll display a gorgeous image of a burning and crackling flame.

Our gas fireplaces come in two basic styles: contemporary and traditional. A contemporary gas fireplace is an excellent fit in any home. Often built in the style of modern architecture, with its bold lines and sleek shapes. These fireplaces seek to emulate those very same forms. A traditional gas fireplace is an excellent choice for someone seeking a classy, old-world vibe. They fit beautifully into cobblestone walls. For example, and with the warmth they emit and the flames emblazoned on their faces, they can almost transport you into another world.

Let’s Wrap Up

As we hope to have shown you, fireplaces are far from monolithic. They often can offer up benefits in unexpected or under appreciated ways. Most importantly, just because you have the impression that you can’t warm up and beautiful your home with a fireplace doesn’t mean that you really can’t.

Gas fireplaces combine the elegance and romance of the traditional fireplace with the high-end power and convenience of modern technology. They can be just the thing to help you turn your home into a paradise.

We hope you’ll check out the Original Flame’s selection of gas fireplaces today.

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