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Gas Line Installations For All Your Gas Appliance Needs (Inside & Outdoors)

Natural gas heating systems and the gas lines through which they function really are among the unsung miracles of modern life. So many of the creature comforts of home that we all take for granted probably all have some such system as the backbone of their existence. Without reliable gas line installations, a significant part of what makes your home life safe, relaxing and commodious would probably collapse.

We might be especially be inclined to appreciate the value of gas heating during the colder months of the year. But the truth is that gas lines make all kinds of summertime activities possible too. Try to imagine summer without a relaxing dip in your heated pool. Or without a gas BBQ grill to host a backyard party for you and the family. Without properly installed gas lines at home, that is in fact what you’d be stuck with.

Many year-round activities that don’t depend on the season are also critically tried to your gas system. Think of how many meals you cook throughout the year with your gas stove. Or how many hot baths or showers you’ve taken in the past that rely on your gas hot water tank.

Gas Lines InstallationBasically, even if we’re not always in the mood to appreciate what gas line installations make possible. The modern home as we know it just couldn’t function without them. That’s why to truly complete your home, you’ll need gas piping & appliance installation services to run new gas lines to your home and hook them up to all the things that make domestic life comfortable. For that matter, maintenance check and possible repairs of old and already-existing gas lines are just as important.

The Original Flame and its home installation devision JRH Enterprises are ready with an army of trained and licensed technicians to take care of all of that complicated work for you. We are among the best and most trustworthy home maintenance firms in the entire northern Ontario region. And here, we’re going to give you the rundown on the importance of gas line installations and their connections to crucial things in your home.

We’re also going to tell you about how we can not only install gas lines for you but also install many of the appliances to which they’re generally connected. In the process, we can help make your home a better place.

Appliances That Require Gas Line Installations:

Gas Piping & Lines InstallationHere is a list of some of the appliances that require gas lines in order to function properly. Bear in mind that in addition to installing gas lines, JRH can also install all of these appliances for you and connect them to your gas line. We can install new versions of all of these appliances for you just as well as we can repair and maintain your old ones:

  • Pool Heaters:

    Now that the weather is warming up but we haven’t quite entered the sweltering heat of summer, demand for pool heaters is beginning to surge. Jumping into your pool is the perfect way to escape oppressive outdoor heat. But leaping straight into the frigid water is sometimes a jarring and rightful experience. JRH’s pool heater installation services are here to help you strike a happy medium and keep your pool cool enough to relax you but not cold enough to make you shiver. And of course, to make it all possible, we offer pool heater line installation services as well. Our team of skilled pool heater installation and pool heater line installation technicians are ready to help you with either job or with both.

  • Hot Water Tanks:

    Hot water tanks are among the most critical devices in your home’s entire heating system. Without them, you can kiss hot running water goodbye. They basically work by storing a certain amount of water, running hot gas through it to heat it up and then sending that hot water to wherever you need it, like your kitchen sink or your shower. Of course, none of this can work unless your water tank is hooked up to a gas line. Our new hot water tanks are incredibly energy efficient. So if you upgrade to one of our models, you’ll be sure to save on your heating bill.

  • BBQ Grills:

    The BBQ grill is another thing that’s sure to become a centrepieces of home life as the summer approaches. And just like a pool heater, a BBQ gas grill can’t function without a connection to a gas line. Our BBQ line installers can help you set all of that up quickly and painlessly. And while you’re on the hunt for BBQ gas line installers, you might as well check out The Original Flame’s BBQ gas grills, manufactured by Saber.

  • Gas Fireplaces:

    The cold season may have recently passed, but that’s not reason not to make prudent preparations for the next one. As technology has advanced, gas fireplaces have grown incredibly energy efficient. They are marvelously capable of evenly distributing heat through a room. The Original Flame has a wide and versatile selection of gas fireplaces to fit your needs. From small and portable inserts to larger and more grandiose setups that convey a classy aesthetic. Needless to say, however, none of them can work unless they are properly connected to a gas line. Luckily, we can take care of all aspects of gas fireplace service & installation for you.

  • HVAC Systems:

    HVAC systems can be incredibly versatile and complex. Our focus here is on their first component, represented by the “H”: heating. Your home’s heating system functions by taking in air, heating it by passing it through a furnace. It’s then distributing it around the home to bring up indoor temperatures. Whether hot air distribution in your HVAC system functions by forcing the air through ventilation ducts, by allowing it to gradually radiate up from your basement or by heating your walls, floors and ceiling to eventually warm up the air indoors, it all functions thanks to the magic of gas lines. JRH has experienced and knowledgeable HVAC technicians on deck that can install a new HVAC gas line for you. They can update your old one to make it more efficient. And they can perform critical maintenance on your whole HVAC system to boot – if required.

For more information about what kinds of gas piping & appliance installation services we offer, click here. Once you find what you need, feel free to call us and we’ll arrange an appointment. In all of the categories mentioned above, we offer reliable and efficient services. Plus, we provide written estimates so you know what you’ll be charged. Our rates are also among the most competitive in the business.


It’s no exaggeration to refer to your domestic gas piping system as the arteries of your home. Without gas lines working like they should, no modern appliance that relies on heat to work can work. In some ways, gas lines are even more than just a kind of circulatory system for your home. Since they can reach the outside of your home in many instances as well. Just think the outdoor components of your HVAC system, the hater on your outdoor pool or the BBQ you keep on your deck.

JRH Enterprises and the Original Flame are ready to run as many of these critical heating lifelines through your home as you need. They’ll not only complete your gas line installations request, they’ll hook them up to your appliances of choice too. Whether you’re planning ahead for when the cold returns and want gas fireplace service & installation or you need the infrastructure to become your neighbourhood’s grill-master this summer, we’ve got you covered.

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