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Grilling Tips and Tricks for the BBQ Season

Summertime and grilling in Peterborough and the Kawarthas are a natural pairing, sort of like yin and yang. If you have a new ceramic barbecue or just want to improve your gas grilling skills this BBQ season, try some tips and tricks from the experts. You’ll find yourself grilling more often, and your family will be eating it up.

Choose the BBQ for Sale that Works Best for You

BBQ - Saber Grill

The main buying decision when it comes to outdoor grills is between gas and charcoal. A natural gas or propane grill offers convenience and predictability. It starts right up and is ready to grill in a matter of minutes.

Many gas grills have a roomy cooking area, so you can cook enough food to feed your entire crew. High-end grills like the Saber BBQ have separated grill sections. You can cook different foods at different temperatures at the same time.

Old-school grillers prefer the flavour of charcoal-cooked meat. It is hard to imitate that flavour with a gas grill. To get a true charcoal-grilled result, you have to let your coals heat up for at least 30 minutes after you light them.

The heat from charcoal embers is less predictable than gas heat. You have to keep a close watch while grilling. Also, if you’re not careful, your food may end up tasting a bit like lighter fluid.

A top-rated charcoal grill like a Kamado Joe Ceramic Gill makes it easier to cook your food to perfection. Features like a ceramic-lined coal box and adjustable air flow simplify the challenges of grilling with charcoal.

Before you decide which grill you want, do some research. If friends have the same model, find out whether they like the flavour of their grilled food. Customer reviews online are also a good source of feedback on brands and models.

Tips for General Grilling This BBQ Season

  • Add water-soaked wood chips to your charcoal grill for a change of pace. Chips from fruit trees such as apple and cherry impart a mild flavour boost. You can use chips in a smoker pan in your gas grill too.
  • To get the most flavour, cook at lower temperatures for a longer time, and open the lid only once every 30 minutes. You want to keep the flavour vapour inside as much as possible.
  • Keep the taste of lighter fluid from getting in your food by waiting to cook until the coals are no longer flaming.
  • Promote good airflow by leaving space around each piece of food you are grilling. Also, make sure the food does not touch the sides of the grill.
  • Avoid using a fork to turn the meat you are grilling. Forks poke holes that let juices escape. Instead, use a pair of tongs to grasp and flip your brats, burgers and T-bones.
  • Let meat like steak, brisket and chicken sit for a few minutes after grilling. It helps to seal in the juices before you serve it.

Is Natural Gas or Propane Better for Grilling?

If you have natural gas in your home, you can get BBQ line installers to tap into that supply. You will always have a ready fuel source when you decide to grill.

If you don’t have natural gas, you can hook up your grill to a portable propane bottle. With a moveable fuel source, you can reposition your grill or take it with you.

Keep in mind that when you use a propane tank for grilling, you need to check your supply from time to time. It’s no fun to run out when your food is half-cooked.

In terms of safety, both fuel sources are fine. You should turn off the supply valve between uses.

Do You Need a BBQ Installer to Set Up Your New Grill?

If you are handy with a screwdriver, you might not need a BBQ installer. If you have a couple of free hours, you can do it yourself. Keep in mind, though, how nice it would be to come home from work and find your new grill assembled and ready for dinner.

Be sure to get experienced BBQ line installers to hook up your natural gas to your new grill. This is especially critical if you need an outdoor gas connection installed. Leave the hook-up to the pros. You will sleep better knowing that the connection is safe. You’ll enjoy grilling more too.

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