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Hot Trends for 2020 Gas Fireplace Inserts

Say hello to the hottest home improvement upgrade of 2020.

If you are shopping for gas fireplace inserts, you already know something about the multiple benefits of retrofitting that cavernous, drafty fireplace with a stylish, contemporary fuel-efficient burner. The technology of 2020 fireplace gas inserts makes them easier than ever to install and smarter than ever in terms of fuel efficiency. Find out about the latest innovations in gas fireplace inserts. Learn what makes them a perfect fit for your home and your family’s lifestyle.

The Fuel-Efficient OptionRegency gas fireplace insert

Gas fireplace inserts are designed to retain and distribute heat rather than release it up the chimney like wood-burning appliances do. In fact, the latest fireplace gas inserts are 75 to nearly 100 percent more fuel-efficient than old-style wood stoves, which are, at best, just 30 percent efficient.

What’s more, your new gas insert burns a far cleaner fuel. Not only is that environmentally responsible, but also beneficial to your living spaces. You won’t have irritating smoke pollution and the respiratory problems it can cause your family. Your hearth won’t be obscured by dust, ash and wood chips, and suddenly, you will have extra floor space where your wood rack once stood.

Why Are Direct Vent Stoves So Popular?

Direct vent stoves are one of the hottest trends of 2020 in gas-fueled inserts. They take advantage of fuel-efficient, sealed-system technology that draws fresh air from outdoors as it exhausts gasses. Because this type of insert is completely sealed, no insert fireplace gas fumes or carbon monoxide enter your home. Instead, your indoor air quality stays fresh and healthy.

Direct-vent fireplace inserts vent horizontally through a side wall of your home, so you don’t need an existing chimney to install one, but you can vent it through a chimney if you wish. The insert itself is a single unit sized to fit your fireplace. This means that a gas fireplace insert is an easy, versatile solution to your old, inefficient wood-burning heater.

With heating efficiency nearing 100 percent, direct vent gas inserts quickly pay for themselves in terms of your fuel bills, so they are an excellent investment. Not only do the latest inserts burn the fuel more efficiently, but they also prevent any cold drafts from getting in because they are designed to be air-tight.

Our customers love the savings, comfort and versatility of their gas-burning inserts. They also appreciate the upgrade in safety, and you will too. You won’t have to be on the alert for stray sparks from a wood fire that land on your carpeting. And you won’t find yourself staying awake at night worrying about gas fumes.

Cool Components to Look for in The Hottest Gas Fireplace Inserts

Wall-thermostat operation: One great component you will find in a gas-burning insert is remote control. You can have a convenient hand-held remote and/or have it wired to a wall thermostat. Either way, you can adjust the heat to meet your comfort level. You won’t have to mess around with vents or dampers.

Electronic start: The top gas inserts for 2020 dispense with the old-fashioned pilot light and start right up electronically, a feature you’ll really appreciate when the weather turns wintry. Electronic ignition saves fuel too.

Backup battery: Yes, your gas insert will keep you warm during a power outage, but it’s nice to have battery backup for the ignition switch. It will be up and running before you have a chance to find a box of matches.

Integrated fan: Although hot air radiates under its own power, your insert’s built-in fan provides the extra push it needs to evenly distribute the heat throughout your living space.

Design: With the increasing popularity of efficient fireplace inserts comes a greater choice of designs. You can choose the insert that compliments your home décor.

How to Tap into the 2020 Trend

Even if your home doesn’t have a fireplace, there’s no reason to let that stop you from putting in a contemporary direct-vent gas fireplace insert. Many new homes have these inserts built into a brick, stone, metal or wood surround that looks like a fireplace. This gives the insert a custom panache. And adds character to any room in your home and provides mantle space for your collectibles.

If your decorating scheme is French country, you could surround your fireplace insert with rustic whitewashed brick and add a varnished wood mantelpiece. If your home is very contemporary, you could opt for a sleeker, flat-mount frame and perhaps a polished stone hearth. For a rustic, outdoors-themed great room, river rocks with a live-edge slab mantle would look right at home.

Because the vent goes through an exterior wall behind the insert, you have no need for a traditional chimney. So, think master bedroom, kitchen, home office or spa bathroom. A gas fireplace instantly upgrades the appearance of your home. And with the designer options and colours available, a gas insert is a great way to put your personal imprint on your family home.

Need Creative Ideas? We Can Help

Our creative staff can help you choose the right energy-efficient gas fireplace insert to keep your family comfortable and your home up to date. Stop by our showroom in Peterborough, serving to find out more about the hottest options in 2020 home heating inserts, or see our selection online. We have the products and ideas you need for a more efficient, more beautiful home.

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