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It’s Time To Get Cooking With BBQs & Grills

As we move further into spring and the weather begins warming up, the urge to call friends and relatives together and fire up those bbqs & grills is bound to begin making itself felt. However,  the summer months will be when grill mania truly roars back to life. And that, of course, still gives you some time to make preparations.

The question, then, as we inch closer to summer, is: What kinds of preparations do you need to make? Are you someone with little to no grilling experience? Perhaps you’re someone who doesn’t own a grill but wants to jump into everything for the first time this summer. Or are you an old hand at barbecuing? You’re someone who needs needs a new model to help you turn up the heat to the next level?

Whichever of these categories you fit into — or even if you’re somewhere in between — the Original Flame has all kinds of BBQs & grills waiting for you to give you the power make steak, hamburger or hot dog juicy and delicious. We’re a top-quality BBQ supplier in the Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes regions of northeastern Ontario, and we not only seen high-end models from manufacturers like Saber and Kamado Joe but can also help customers with every stage of use and installation.

Before you really bite down and sink your teeth into our selection, therefore, let us tell you a bit about how to prepare for the coming grilling season. We’ll give you some critical information not only about the major kinds of grills that exist and how they work, but also about how to prepare your grill to make sure it fires on all cylinders. This includes information about when your grill may require some maintenance or even replacement. And since gas grills have their own special installation requirements to get them working properly, we’ll be talking about those too.

Without further ado, let’s get cookin’!

The Major Grill Types

The Original Flame sells BBQs & Grills from two major manufacturers: Saber and Kamado Joe. These two grill types differ from one another mainly in their size and in how they are powered. These differences give each model its own respective strengths and make it useful in different situations.

Saber BBQ Grills

BBQ - Saber GrillOur Saber model is a massive, fuel-efficient stainless steel grill that’s designed for longevity. Its steel is not only tough but non-magnetic as well. The grill works by using propane gas and can be set to temperatures anywhere between 0 and 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only this, but these grills preheat rapidly. About 10 minutes is all that’s required. And once its ready, the grill’s special infrared technology allows it to heat all food even and without either burning it or drying it out.

Although we can help you with assembly, the Saber BBQ grill is actually quite easy to put together. Indeed, the instruction manual contains 16 fewer assembly steps than other models of comparable size require. Last but not least, they use 30% less gas than other grills in the same category, so there won’t be any stress put on your gas lines.

The Saber BBQ grill’s power and versatility make it perfect for use during large summer barbecue parties, so you can cook either steaks, vegetables or both with ease. Check out what the Saber grill can do here.

Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills

BBQ – Kamado Joe Ceramic GrillOur Kamado Joe grills, on the other hand, eschew sheer bulk and size in flavour of quickness, convenience and portability. Our Kamado Joe grill models are so small you can carry them around with you. In fact, you can bring them along to your friends’ or relatives’ barbecues if you so desire and let others share in their power.

Don’t let how small these grills are fool you. They pack a wallop and are designed to cook even exceptionally tough meat to utter perfection. Unlike the Saber model mentioned above, however, they use charcoal. Charcoal grilling can impart an unmistakably savoury and mouthwatering flavour to meat. But it can mean that your grill will require a bit of additional maintenance and cleaning over that of a gas grill. Thankfully, since Kamado Joe grills are so small, cleanup is easy. Just remove the grill grate and clean the interior thoroughly with a powerful cleaning solution. This will prevent the buildup of charcoal residue, as this can impede functioning.

In addition to our Kamado Joe ceramic grills and cookers, we also sell accessories for them, like grill-grates, fireboxes, carrying bags and extra charcoal. For more information and a look at what we have in store, go here.

How to Know That Your Grill is too Old

Whether gas or charcoal grills are ultimately to your liking, all BBQs & grills require maintenance to keep them humming along. But even a model that you clean and care for assiduously will eventually get old and need to be replaced. And of course, you can’t be ready for grilling season without a grill that works. Here are some telltale signs that it’s time to turn to us for a new grill:

  • Uneven flames or heating: This is the telltale sign of a grill’s age. If it just can’t heat like it used to, something is wrong with it. At that point, you might want to start considering newer models. Any number of things, like a malfunctioning igniter — which is itself a serious problem — could be the cause of this issue.
  • The firebox is cracked or rusty: The firebox is what allows smoke to be properly distributed around a charcoal grill. Once it gets too clogged or rusty, this can be fatal to your grill’s ability to cook good-tasting meat. A good steel brush can scrape off some rust, but once there’s too much of it, it’s time to get a new grill.
  • Cracked hoses: If any of the hoses on your gas grill are cracked, replace them immediately. Don’t put this off. A gas leak can have potentially deadly consequences. Hoses and propane regulators can be expensive to replace, though. So you might be better off just buying an entirely new model.

A Note on Gas Grills

Suppose that you’ve taken a liking to the Saber gas grill. Before you get too fired up, though, there’s something important that you need to know about how to configure gas grills and get them running. You’ll need to make sure that your home has an outdoor gas line. One which you can use to feed gas into your grill. That means that you’ll require some gas piping & appliance installation service to either run the gas line through your house, or, if you already have one installed, to safely and effectively hook your grill up to the line.

Playing DIY handyman at home can be quite tempting. But we strongly recommend that you not do any of these things on your own, as there can be significant safety risks to doing so. The Original Flame employs an excellent group of gas piping & appliance installation technicians that can handle all of this for you. Just sit back and let us work for you. When we’re done, you can grill to your heart’s content!


The Original Flame is proud to be a top Canadian BBQ Grill supplier, but we do more than just sell and set up BBQs & Grills. In fact, we also offer a wide range of appliance installation and maintenance services too. Through our repair and maintenance arm JRH Enterprises. From fireplaces and gas systems to pool heaters, hot water tanks and HVAC systems, our technicians can handle anything.

Whether you require a routine maintenance check in any of these areas or are in need of some more heavy-duty repairs. Or even if you need any of these major appliances outright replaces — don’t hesitate to give JRH a call. W proudly provide service to Peterborough, the Kawarthas, Buckhorn, Lakefield, Millbrook and other nearby areas.

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