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The Original Flame Inc. is a renowned dealer of Jotul wood stoves and inserts in Peterborough. Jotul has a Norwegian background and has over 160 years of experience in manufacturing stoves, fireplaces and inserts. In the showroom of The Original Flame, you will find the latest designs of Jotul, stoves, and inserts. Jotul has always incorporated the latest technology to manufacture highly efficient cold fighters.

Norwegian culture and craftsmanship are evident from all the products of Jotul. The design and styling of the wood stoves and gas stoves are timeless and will complement any décor. Jotul stoves and inserts are a part of numerous households worldwide. All the Jotul products we supply are tested, and also verified by us. The harsh Scandinavian winters have inspired Jotul to manufacture these stoves and fireplaces to remove coldness from homes.

Jotul wood stoves:

The Original Flame Inc., a Jotul wood stove dealer offers all the series of wood stoves manufactured by the brand. A special feature of these wood and gas stoves is that they are made from cast iron wood and gas stoves. The brand has been engaged in this industry since 1853 and understands the requirements in different weather conditions. The wood stoves are tailored to suit all tastes and will improve the appearance of the house. The wood stoves are designed in such a way that they radiate heat throughout the room and keep it warm and toasty for a long time.

Jotul gas stoves:

The gas stoves from Jotul are known for their efficiency and convenience. The gas stoves, like its wood counterparts, will continue to provide warmth even during power cuts. You need to make a proper provision for a gas pipeline and The Original Flame can advise you regarding this. Jotul gas stoves are elegant and create a strong link between the past and present. Manufactured using cast iron craftsmanship, these gas stoves are completely utilitarian and come in innovative designs.

Jotul gas inserts:

Jotul gas inserts ensure a warm and cozy evening on a cold winter day. The Jotul gas inserts can be fitted into almost any existing fireplace.

Jotul wood inserts:

Jotul wood inserts prevent heat from dissipating through the chimney and thus increases the efficiency of the fireplace. You will find antique to contemporary styled wood inserts at our showroom.

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