Replacement vs. Repairs

If your existing home comfort system’s cost of repairs is 30% of the price of a new purchase, it is a rule of thumb that replacement is the better option. Also, if your utility bills have increased by 50%, then it is time to purchase a new home comfort system, as your existing one is costing you more than it is worth.

Energy Efficient Savings

Energy Star® qualified home comfort products can save you money and energy. Knowing what the different ratings mean is one way that you can make a smart and efficient buying decision.

Installing Your New HVAC System Properly

When it comes to home comfort, it’s always best to trust the expertise of qualified HVAC contractors. JRH Enterprises Heating & Cooling recommends installing a central home comfort system into a new build or remodeled home, as it ensures the comfort throughout the entire house.

What’s Your Indoor Air Quality Like?

It may sound impossible, but indoor air can be more polluted than the air outside – up to 100 times more polluted. Your home comfort system may be polluting your indoor air quality. An HVAC contractor, such as JRH Enterprises, is able to inspect your ventilation, filters, and other home comfort products to ensure yours are not polluting your indoor air.

Finding a Home Comfort System Dealer

To ensure you get the right products such as furnaces and air conditioning for your home, while selecting a quality Energy Star® rated system, it’s important that you find the right dealer – like JRH Enterprises. An added bonus is our knowledge of products, as well as the installation and maintenance service, ensuring you enjoy the investment you’ve made in your home’s comfort.

We Use Continental

We are a Certified Continental Heating and Cooling products dealer.