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The Original Flame Inc. & Kozy Heat Fireplaces

Situated in Peterborough, The Original Flame Inc. deals in gas fireplaces, inserts, and stoves manufactured by Kozy Heat Fireplaces.

Kozy Heat Fireplaces had started its journey in 1976 and the brand motto has always been about quality, not quantity. Kozy Heat Fireplaces has made a reputation over the years for their fireplaces, inserts, and stoves that have a traditional or contemporary allure. We, at The Original Flame Inc., support the brand and supply their manufactured products as they are specialized in this industry and produce high-quality components.

Kozy Heat gas fireplaces:

When buying Kozy Heat gas fireplace from our showroom, we will take care of the installation and the gas pipeline. The products are quite flexible to fit anywhere in the house. Direct vent gas fireplaces and traditional gas fireplaces of Kozy Heat Fireplaces are quite popular in this region. Alpha, Bayport, Callaway, Carlton, Delano, Nicollet, Slayton, Springfield, TRF, and SF are some of the range of the Kozy Heat gas fireplaces you will find in our showroom in Peterborough. All the models are highly efficient and will enhance the overall appearance of your house.

Kozy Heat gas stoves:

Birchwood and Oakport series of gas stoves manufactured by Kozy Heat Fireplaces are quite popular among our clients. These are direct vent freestanding gas stoves that will keep your room warm for a long time. These gas stoves are utilitarian and convenient to use.

Kozy Heat gas inserts:

The gas inserts from Kozy Heat are here to increase the efficiency of the fireplaces. You can buy a Kozy Heat gas insert to ensure that your room is warm and toasty on long winter nights. These gas inserts will reduce your utility bills significantly. You can install the gas fireplace inserts in your existing fireplace. Chaska and Jordan gas inserts from Kozy Heat Fireplaces are available in traditional log set or glass media set.

For more information about Kozy Heat products supplied by The Original Flame, feel free to contact at 705-742-9452.

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