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Maintenance Plans For All Your Heating, Cooling, and Fireplace Products

What if we told you there was an easy, affordable way to save money while enjoying greater year-round comfort? It might sound hard to believe, but it’s actually HVAC 101. Simply put, routine heating and cooling maintenance is the best way to ensure your Northeastern Ontario home remains cozy and efficient in any weather.

The Essential Importance of HVAC Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans

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Running your climate control system without the occasional maintenance visit is a lot like driving your car for years without a tune-up. Even if it doesn’t break down entirely, it’s likely to experience a lot of unnecessary wear and tear. Over time, that can lead to declining efficiency, poor reliability and even a shorter lifespan for your system.

Even the most well-engineered HVAC equipment isn’t indestructible. Friction and mechanical stress cause parts to gradually wear out. Key components drift out of adjustment and begin working less efficiently. Dust and dirt often make the situation even worse, restricting airflow and forcing the system to work harder.

It can become a vicious cycle, as worn-out components put extra stress on your equipment and cause even more damage. A heating and cooling maintenance plan helps put a stop to this cycle by repairing wear and tear quickly. Scheduled maintenance is also designed to minimize friction and stress, making sure every part of your system operates smoothly and efficiently.

What Do Maintenance Plans Typically Cover?

In reality, the quality of the maintenance your system receives may depend on the quality of the service you choose. Reputable contractors complete a comprehensive series of maintenance tasks with every tune-up visit. This ensures that every aspect of your system is functioning correctly and nothing slips through the cracks.

No matter what kind of climate control equipment you have, a typical maintenance plan should always include a detailed inspection of the entire system. Maintenance technicians also complete certain standard steps for every type of HVAC unit. Beyond that, maintenance plans may include a variety of tasks designed for your specific type of system. For most tune-ups, this should include:

Standard Maintenance Tasks

  • Checking and tightening all electrical connections
  • Testing and adjusting all thermostat controls
  • Cleaning inside and around HVAC units
  • Cleaning or replacing all air filters
  • Lubricating moving mechanical parts
  • Inspecting and cleaning condensate drains

Cooling System Maintenance

  • Cleaning, adjusting and testing blower components
  • Checking and adjusting the system refrigerant level
  • Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils

Heating System Maintenance

  • Checking and tightening all fuel lines and connections
  • Cleaning and inspecting ignition and heating elements
  • Examining air intake and ventilation systems

Fireplace Maintenance Is a Safety Necessity

A fireplace can be a fantastically safe, efficient and attractive way to keep the cold at bay, but only if it’s cared for properly. The good news is that modern gas and electric fireplaces require a lot less upkeep than traditional wood-burning fireplaces. If you love the rustic charm of real flames for warmth and comfort, it’s crucial to make sure your fireplace receives the maintenance it needs.

One of the biggest advantages of a gas fireplace is that the fuel burns far more cleanly than wood. Nonetheless, it still produces some combustion byproducts. Part of the maintenance process involves cleaning your fireplace to remove any residue left behind.

More importantly, however, maintenance visits include thorough inspections to ensure every aspect of your system is working properly. These inspections are vital to protect against potential hazards like fire and carbon monoxide exposure. A complete fireplace maintenance plan typically includes:

Fireplace Maintenance Tasks

  • Cleaning the glass and checking for scratches
  • Inspecting the gasketing around the glass assembly
  • Cleaning the firebox and looking for rust or damage
  • Checking and cleaning air vents and louvers
  • Tightening gas fittings and checking for leaks
  • Testing burner and ignition system

Why Maintenance Plans Are a Wise Investment

It may seem trivial, but an HVAC maintenance plan is a valuable and important investment. Whether you have an air conditioner, a heat pump or a fireplace, taking care of your equipment offers serious benefits. First and foremost, scheduled maintenance is the surest way to protect against potentially dangerous malfunctions that can put your safety at risk.

Proper maintenance is also a great way to save money. Well-maintained HVAC systems are more energy-efficient, ensuring your heating and cooling dollars stretch further. They’re also less prone to serious breakdowns and typically have a longer service life, potentially giving you extra years of comfort at a minimal cost.

Of course, the most important step is always working with a reputable contractor that you can trust. At The Original Flame / JRH Enterprises Heating & Cooling, we’re fully licensed, insured and trained to provide a full range of HVAC maintenance services.

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