The Relation between The Original Flame and Mendota Hearth

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The Original Flame is a popular Mendota fireplace dealer in Peterborough. Mendota is an award-winning brand of gas fireplaces, inserts and has the experience of manufacturing these products for over a century. Mendota combines its exclusive BurnGreenTM technology with centuries-old craftsmanship to offer elegant utilitarian gas fireplaces and inserts. You can choose from propane and natural gas when buying fireplaces or inserts.

Mendota Gas fireplaces:

Mendota gas fireplaces supplied by The Original Flame have undergone rigorous ANSI/AGA safety tests and also have Lifetime Limited Warranty. Mendota never compromises on their gas fireplaces and neither does The Original Flame. You will find gas fireplace models with an expansive view at our place that will perfectly blend in a luxurious home. Mendota also offers customizing options for the doors,trims, fire bases, and interior linings. Several models of Mendota gas fireplaces have the capability of blending in with different décor. Greenbriar, Chelsea, and DXV are some of the gas fireplace series from Mendota you can choose from.

Mendota Gas inserts:

Wood burning fireplaces are usually high-maintenance products. Gas inserts from Mendota, supplied by us are highly efficient and will keep your room warm for long hours If you are looking forward to making the gas fireplace inserts your centrepiece then, Mendota’s gas inserts are the right way. These gas fireplace insert models sport sealed combustion feature and employ direct vent technology. These features ensure that inserts are highly efficient and operated without any hassle.

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