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Modern Fireplaces Keep You Warm During Canadian Winters

Canada is legendary for its frigid winters. Once November starts to dawn, heaps of snow, copious ice, and chilling winds become common in every area of the country (excluding the BC coast for some reason). The height of winter can be especially grueling. Unless you’re built like a moose or a polar bear, you’ll likely need some help to get through it all. Our classic, contemporary and modern fireplaces should do the trick.

The Original Flame is here to provide that help. We supply gas, wood, and electric fireplaces and fireplace installation services to the Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes regions of northeastern Ontario. We sell fireplaces and fireplace inserts from some of the top manufacturers in the field, and we’re ready to help change your winter from chilling to cozy.

But before you take a look at what we have for you, here are some reasons why fireplaces are such excellent tools to stave off the harsh and unforgiving Canadian winter.

Modern Fireplaces Will Keep You Warm

modern fireplacesThis one seems like a no-brainer, but even the apparently obvious can sometimes be worth discussing as a way to clarify some important things. The main problem with winter is that it’s cold. Fireplaces can keep you warm.

Classic wood fireplaces can imbue your home with a natural and wholesome aura — the alluring smell of burning wood, the crackles and pops bursting from the fire — while beating back the winter cold. They also give you a source of heat for the winter that lasts even when the power goes out. Gas heating inserts or fireplaces, with their vent technology, can provide that same precious warmth without putting you through the hassle of chopping wood or cleaning out ash from chimneys. Electric fireplaces can give you the glitz and glam of a fireplace, but with a great deal more simplicity.

Whichever type of fireplace you choose, The Original Flame’s models all do what they’re primarily meant to do: keep your home warm and cozy.

They Can Help You Save on Energy Costs

Cold weather can place exceedingly strenuous demands on energy resources. The colder it gets, the higher you can expect your heating bills to climb. But one of the truly marvelous things about modern fireplaces is how carefully designed they all are to make the most efficient possible use of the energy that’s fed into them.

Gas fireplaces typically run off the gas line you’ve had installed to your house. However, they can also use propane stored in a tank (often outside the home) to generate heat, so you’re house’s heating system won’t be taxed when you use them. Many electric fireplaces have been engineered to consume even less energy than gas fireplaces do, but they’re able to generate a comparable amount of heat. And wood fireplaces don’t rack up your energy bill at all. They just burn the wood that you feed into them. Moreover, they aren’t dependent on any kind of surrounding power grid, so they can keep you warm even during outages.

With their ability to save people money on their energy bills at a critical time of the year, Canadians should really give serious thought to installing modern fireplaces in their homes.

They Can Be Easy to Install

It’s one thing to know that a fireplace can give you reliable warmth through the winter without making you pay out the nose for energy, but what if the hassle of hooking up your home with one of these things is just too burdensome?

Thankfully, that’s not the case. A gas or electric fireplace insert can be easily and quickly installed into a fireplace cavity or simply mounted on the wall. In fact, you don’t even have to worry about installation because The Original Flame offers fireplace installation services for all of our models. Anyone in the market for fireplaces in Peterborough or the surrounding area can rely on us to provide both excellent products and reliable installation.

Even if you prefer wood-burning models, we’re equipped to help you out and get you ready for the winter.

They Put Power Into Your Hands

The energy savings that we’ve discussed above come with an added spillover benefit. Since you’re not racking up your energy bill as much (or even at all, depending on the model you have) when using a fireplace, all of the power generated stays in your hands. That means that not only can your home achieve a certain level of energy independence, but you can also use your leftover energy for other things. In addition to our other products, we also have stoves from the three main categories — wood, gas, and electric — that can double as fireplaces in many cases. If necessary, you can harness that heat to cook food.

As a retailer for modern fireplaces in Peterborough, there’s one other way in which The Original Flame seeks to place power into the hands of locals. The fireplaces that we install all come with remotes that allow users to regulate various features, from the temperature and intensity of heat to the duration for which the fireplaces can be set to work, to the color and brightness of the flame displays on our electric models. Thus, you’ll have the power to set up your home to make it look and feel just right.

Modern Firplaces Can Help You Set the Mood

A harsh enough winter can be both cold and lonely. We’ve already discussed how easily modern fireplaces can solve the first of these problems, but it can go miles to solving the second problem as well. When you pick out the perfect fireplace to mesh with your home’s internal décor, you can make the room the fireplace resides in just that much more beautiful.

Once you have that, the sky is the limit for the kinds of social gatherings you can host in the dead of winter. You can give friends and family a warm refuge from the biting cold or set up a romantic evening with that special someone where you can sit by the fire and enjoy a movie, dinner, and glass of great wine.


Canadian winters are known to hit exceptionally hard. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that your only options for dealing with them are either to pay an arm and a leg to stay warm or to sit there with your teeth chattering.

The Original Flame’s many different fireplaces will not only keep you warm with minimal cost and hassle but will also encourage you to come home and enjoy your stylish and relaxing space. Before you decide to hunker down for the approaching winter, have a look at some of our modern fireplaces and fireplace inserts.

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