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Multi-Sided Fireplaces

Have you always wanted a multi-sided fireplace? To be able to see fire from all sides and bask in the glow, warmth and ambiance of a mess and fuss free natural gas or propane flame is a dream of many homeowners, and here at The Original Flame, our goal is to make this a simple project – just tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen with the JA Roby gas fireplace.

Although there are currently many configurations to speak of – a corner fireplace, a peninsula fireplace, a 2 sided see through fireplace – a fireplace that we were extremely surprised by was the JA Roby Pampero 4 sided gas fireplace. One of the big reasons that we have been so excited about this fireplace is that it’s not just a 4 sided gas fireplace – it’s essentially whatever you want!

JA Roby Gas Fireplace:


This particular fireplace takes advantage of special insulating panels to allow for extreme versatility; this fireplace can be one sided like a “normal” gas fireplace, two sided, three sided or four sided.

LABOUR – The JA Roby gas fireplace can be installed in interior spaces, exterior walls, in the main floor of a two storey home, in a basement, with venting going up off the fireplace flue and out an exterior side wall or even through the roof.  The possibilities are endless.

GAS PIPING – Running the gas piping/tubing system to the JA Roby gas fireplace is just as easy – for the most part, in a central location installation, the gas piping would be brought up from under the fireplace, as well as the electricity to operate the fireplace.

CONTROLS – The JA Roby gas fireplace utilizes either battery power or standard 110v electricity in order to operate.  In a power failure, the JA Roby gas fireplace operates on four AA batteries.  The JA Roby gas fireplace has a multi-function remote control which allows all elements of the gas fireplace to be controlled from the remote handheld.  The flames can be turned up and down, the fireplace can be turned in to constant pilot mode or intermittent pilot mode, and the temperature for the fireplace to call for heat at can also be set right on the remote.

The principal advantage of a central fireplace – a fireplace that you can see through on all sides – is that with the style trend of working with extremely open spaces, a central fireplace gives some division and separation between one space and another, without feeling like it is blocking off another space in the home.

ZONE HEATING – From a zone heating perspective, a four sided fireplace that produces radiant heat off of four separate panes of glass can make a ton of sense – in a central location, you’re getting heat off of all the panes of glass and feeling that warmth not just directly in front of the fireplace but also on all sides, as you walk around the fireplace, and all the surface that are in front of the four glass panes will also become more warm and cozy, a factor which, most clients report, not only allows for pleasurable fire viewing, but also for cutting down on their central heating bills.  In a basement installation, many clients report that because their upstairs floors are kept warmer, they don’t desire to run their furnace as often, or for as long, if they have a fireplace in their basement.  The same would apply to having a heater grade fireplace installed in the main floor of a building with a bedroom level above the fireplace.

FINISHING OPTIONS – like most cleanview fireplaces, the JA Roby gas fireplace requires that for a certain distance – “clearance” around the face of the fireplace, non-combustible materials must be used.  These details are all outlined in the manual for the fireplace, and provided they are diligently followed, there shouldn’t be any problems to speak of.  We’re always able to provide a fireplace finish, and as most of the work would be custom, we’re happy to quote that out, case by case.



If you’re looking to make a statement in your open concept home, check out JA Roby.  Drop in to see us if you need any help with your design!

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