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New in Home & Cottage Décor – Beautiful Ethanol Hanging Fireplace


Create a distinctive atmosphere with the latest in home décor, with a stunning wall mounted ethanol fireplace. Warm lively flames add life to your room whether it’s in your bedroom, bathroom or living room. These stunning fireplaces hang on your wall like a piece of art.

It has never been easier to get a fireplace installed. Ethanol fireplaces burn safe, clean, environmentally friendly ethanol – so you don’t need a chimney or a gas line, making them extremely flexible on where they can be installed and easy enough to do yourself.

Wall mounted ethanol fireplaces are effortlessly operated; you simply fill the reservoir with bioethanol fuel and ignite with a lighter. No mess, no clean up! Once you are done enjoying the live flame, it is easily extinguished by pushing a lever that closes off the reservoir.

Decoflame ethanol fireplaces are ULC safety tested and are manufactured in Canada. The bioethanol fuel is made from plant material such as corn, rapeseed or sugar cane which is distilled creating a pure alcohol. This produces a clean, warm heat and comes in a handy 3.78L jug. These fireplaces are not only for ambiance; a litre of fuel will provide heat for a room approximately 450 square feet in size.  The fuel reservoir will hold 1.4 litres and provide light and warmth for approximately 4 ½ to 6 hours at a time.

A simple and affordable alternative to installing a wood or gas fireplace, ethanol fireplaces work in a power failure, have little maintenance and burn a environmentally safe fuel. Let your creative side go and consider where you will install your new fireplace!

Originally published in Cottage Country Connection, December 2015


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