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Heating Your Off Grid Cabins and Bunkies

Here at The Original Flame, we have had a number of people come in over the last few months asking about different heating options for their off-grid cabin, bunkie, hunt camp, cottage build – and we are so excited for the opportunity to help bring these projects together!

Although we are not WETT certified, we are able to put together pricing on very competitive Cash and Carry wood stove packages. 

We like to talk about insulation when we talk to clients about their course of construction. One of the most important things that folks can spend money on is insulation for their build, and we cannot stress enough that we don’t sell any wood stove, propane fireplace, or propane space heater that is going to heat the outdoors – these buildings need to be tight to make off-grid enjoyment a realistic possibility.

We have an off-grid cabin that we’re working on right now with a client, a local general contractor is doing the build and we are supplying the tankless hot water heater and a Archgard Portrait propane fireplace. This fireplace is probably the most versatile propane or natural gas fireplace that we work with right now. The ability to change the lookup is incredible, and for the size that it takes up in a room and the depth of the fireplace itself, the heat output is phenomenal.

For larger spaces, we have brought in the Tahoma 2100GL wood stove,  a Cash and Carry special that includes chimney components in 12 feet of stainless steel chimney.  This medium to large-sized wood stove is EPA 2020 compliant, clean-burning, and takes up to a 20-inch log of a good quality dry seasoned cord of wood.

Whatever your needs, timeframe, or budget are for your off-grid space, we want you to call or email us with any questions or ideas that you have!

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