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Propane, Gas or Charcoal – What BBQ Grill is Right For You?

Peak grill season always hits during the summer. With friends and family starting to get together to enjoy the warm and inviting summer weather, a good bbq grill is often just the thing needed. An outdoor grill completes that classic picture of family-oriented summer fun that we all know and love so much.

Whether you’re only about to fire up the grill for the first time in your life, or you’re an old hand seeking to upgrade to a better model for the summer, the same kind of basic choice stands before you. Propane, gas or charcoal? What sort of BBQ grill should you get for your backyard?

What can make this a bit of a difficult question to answer is that there’s truly no such thing as “the best” type of grill for all people and all situations. The sort that’s right for you will differ depending on your lifestyle, the sorts of arrangements that you have at home, the ways in which you prefer to have your meat cooked and a whole range of other factors. Being acquainted with what these variables are, as well as the special features and advantages of each type of grill, are crucial for making the right choice.

The Original Flame is the top BBQ suppliers in the Kawartha Lakes and Peterborough areas. Below, we’ll give you some important information about the distinguishing features of each of the three types of grills that we mentioned above, how each compares to the others, which people are best suited for each type and some other critical details. With our help you’ll be armed with everything you need to make the right decision for you and your loved ones so that you can enjoy one of summertime’s simplest yet deepest pleasures: some juicy, freshly cooked meat.

And then, we’ll tell toy about the models we have in store.

So, with that, let’s get cookin’!

The Three Basic BBQ Grill Types

Propane or Gas BBQ Grills by Saber

Propane & Gas BBQ Grills

Before we discuss anything else, let us tell you about the three basic kinds of BBQs & grills that you can get this summer. Once you know they’re strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be equipped to make a selection.

  • Gas:
    With gas grills, the name of the game is high-tech convenience. They offer precise temperature regulating capabilities so that you can make absolutely certain never to burn or overcook any of your meat. They preheat quickly and easily as well. With a gas line running to the grill, you can have everything up, running and ready to go in as little as 10 minutes. So you don’t have to worry about keeping any guests waiting. Cleaning is also fairly simple, as they come with removable ashtrays which you can clean with some dish soap or cleaning solution. The other main cleaning challenge will be to scrape off the grease that accumulates from repeated use. For that, cleaning solution and a good grill brush will do the trick. And as far as is concerned, while they don’t provide the classic smoked taste of charcoal, gas grills can generate quit a bit of steam, which, when retained by the meat, will give you something very juicy to bite into. Lastly, and very importantly, you will need to pass a gas line through your house to operate a gas grill, which will require gas piping & appliance installation services. We discuss that in more detail below.
  • Propane:
    Propane BBQ grills operate according to the same principles as gas grills do, and nearly everything that we have said about gas grills applies to them as well. The only major difference between the two is that a propane-based grill will not require you to install a gas line at home. You simply need to buy a propane tank, hook your grill up to it, and voila! Depending on your situation, you may ultimately find that this is more convenient than installing a gas line.
  • Charcoal:
    The most obvious advantage of a charcoal grill is that anything you cook with it gets imbued with an unmistakably organic and smoky taste. If you’re a purist about cooking and flavouring meat. And/or if you regard this is the most important thing of all. Charcoal is probably the grill type for you. We can even sell you as many bags of high-quality charcoal with your grill as you need. With that said, charcoal grills take longer to preheat than their gas-using counterparts. They also require more work to clean and lack the temperature control options that gas-using grills provide. Charcoal grills can also present a few safety risks if used improperly. Above all, do not leave them burning and open on a windy day. As pieces of charcoal will likely be blown around and singe those who are in the area.

Our BBQ Grill Options

Now that you have an understanding of the various types of BBQ grills. And an idea of what you need. You’re probably wondering about what the Original Flame actually has waiting for you.

  • Saber:
    The Saber BBQ grill is our premiere gas and propane-based model, and it is a big and beautiful machine. Made of durable non-magnetic stainless steel, it can endure many years of heavy use without faltering. Best of all, it is easy to assemble and convenient to wheel around. It also preheats rapidly and is precision-engineered to cook the juiciest steaks, hamburgers and hot dogs you can imagine. It does this via an advanced, patented infrared system which retains moisture as it distributes heat. And for the energy-conscious, know that it uses 30% less fuel than other leading competitors. Learn more about the Saber BBQ grill here.
  • Kamado Joe Classic II

    Charcoal Ceramic Grill

    Kamado Joe:
    Just as the idea behind our Saber grills is bigness and technological sophistication. So is the underlying philosophy of Kamado Joe Ceramic grills. It’s about portability and the importance of coming down to earth. These charcoal grills are small and can be easily carried from place to place.  Including to the homes or friends, family or neighbours. But don’t let their size lead you to worry about their cooking abilities. They pack an extraordinary punch for their size. That small size can also greatly lessen the burden of cleaning them. Constructed of tough ceramic, they can last and last. And to help you smoke and cook your food to perfection, the Original Flame can also sell you grill-grates, fireboxes and charcoal to boot. Learn more about our various Kamado Joe grills here.

A Note on Gas Line Installation

As mentioned, a gas grill requires the presence of a gas line in your home. To enjoy the benefits of a gas grill will need to have one installed if you don’t have one already. If this worries you, you don’t have the slightest real reason to fall into despair of finding reliable gas piping & appliance installation services in your area, as the Original Flame can offer these services to you directly, among many others.

Indeed, in addition to selling BBQs & ceramic grills, we also sell fireplaces and provide installation and repair services for household appliances like HVAC systems, pool heaters, hot water tanks, fireplaces and, of course, gas lines.

Just call us today, and we can set you right up.


The Original Flame is proud to be among the best BBQ suppliers in northeastern Ontario. And as mentioned, we are much more than that. Now that you’re ready to pick out the grill of your dreams, we encourage you to do so. But while you do, take a look at our wide and diverse selection of installation and repair services.

We offer the total package to not only have you up and grilling this summer, but to keep your home a paradise throughout the entire year.

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