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Who’s Ready for Sweaters, Bonfires & Beautiful Fall Colours?


Autumn is one of my favourite seasons of the year, the weather is turning a bit cooler, leaving us refreshed, the leaves are turning beautiful, vibrant colours, the bugs are gone, and the garden is giving up the last of her bounty. There’s something miraculous about walking on a brisk sunny day hearing the crunch of leaves underfoot, seeing the first frost and smelling the odd whiff of wood smoke from the first fires of the

After the rush of summer, and trying to fit as much as you can into the couple of months we Canadians have, fall is the time to sigh and take a breath. It is the fresh start to the school year and everyone is settling down to their routines. As the days start getting shorter, it’s a reminder to slow down and put your comfy clothes on a bit earlier and enjoy a hot chocolate or pumpkin latte in front of the fire. When driving by neighbourhoods you see families with rosy cheeks in their hoodies and sweaters, out enjoying each other in their yards.

Many start thinking ahead to winter and complaining about what is to come, but now is the time to appreciate the sights, sounds and smells of fall. Spark up your outdoor fire table and gaze into the fire on these cool evenings! Don’t miss this ideal time to get together with your family to stack the firewood, rake the leaves and jump in them and rake them again!

Originally published in Cottage Country Connection, October 2015


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