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The Original Flame displays an extensive range of Regency fireplaces, stoves and inserts in their showroom in Peterborough.

Regency Fireplace Products was founded by Robert Little in Canada in 1979 and has rapidly grown in popularity ever since then. The company believes in manufacturing high-quality fireplaces, stoves, and inserts that are utilitarian as well as enhance the aesthetics of the room. Regency Fireplace Products consists of a team of more than 30 engineers and designers that employ advanced 3D CAD technology and manufacturing resources to create spectacularly beautiful fireplaces.

Regency Gas fireplaces:

The traditional designs of Regency gas fireplaces are elegant and can blend in any period. The City Series, on the other hand, are suited for the chic minimalistic ultra-modern homes. The Original Flame, the Regency fireplace dealer displays various models of traditional, contemporary and modern Regency gas fireplaces. So, visit our showroom and choose from the natural gas and propane using models.

Regency Wood stoves:

All the Regency wood stoves are EPA certified and The Original Flame, being a Regency wood stove dealer offers them at an affordable range. Wood burning stoves from Regency Fireplace Products are a great way to keep to your room warm and heat up the décor of your space. These eco-friendly products will not leave behind an excess carbon footprint. Regency wood stoves are highly efficient and keep the hearth warm for a long time.

Regency Gas stoves:

You will find natural gas and propane gas stoves from Regency at our showrooms. The Regency gas stoves are perfect for gathering with family and friends on a cold winter evening. The ambiance created by these gas stoves is to be envied. The Original Flame has gained popularity in the area for being a Regency gas stove dealer.

Regency Pellet stoves:

Regency pellet stoves are EPA certified and do not affect the environment adversely. We, at The Original Flame, offer Regency pellet stoves that are highly efficient and cost-effective. They will perfectly fit into your lifestyle. The products are also known for longevity.

Regency Gas inserts:

Being a Regency fireplace insert dealer, The Original Flame houses several designs. The Regency gas inserts when installed and run will distribute heat evenly throughout the room. You will be able to enjoy the warmth even during power outages.

Regency Wood inserts:

You can choose one of the Regency wood insert models from our showroom. These inserts are designed to be compatible with different styles and can be easily fit into an existing, brick or stone fireplace.

Regency Pellet inserts:

Pellet inserts from Regency Fireplace Products supplied by The Original Flame will reduce your utility bills costs significantly. The pellet inserts are made from high-quality and durable components and thus last years. These are low maintenance products that are perfect for using as home heaters in colder climes.

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