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Retro Kitchen Designs Are Trending!

Retro kitchen designs that are trending!

When you hear “The Original Flame” the first thing to come to mind is fireplaces. We have been installing fireplaces in Peterborough, ON for many years now, but we also carry Elmira kitchen appliances! What we have noticed in the last year is the trend of vintage style kitchen appliances going into new homes and renovated kitchens. The colours are also intriguing; robin’s egg blue, mint green, buttercup yellow, the pastels are making a comeback.

Discover how to bring retro into your kitchen!

While appliances may not be the first thing you think of when considering kitchen designs, the appliance you choose can play a huge part in the overall aesthetic of your home. Younger homeowners are loving the pastels of the past. The vintage curves of the 1950s and the nostalgic colours are bringing this trend full circle.

Retro appliances can be surprisingly versatile, working in cottage designs, mid-century modern and arts & crafts kitchen designs. The trick is to balance these styles of appliances with modern elements. The pastels colours create a perfect balance with the clean lines of current cabinets and modern countertops. These kitchen appliances are statement pieces that are truly stunning to look at and provide a wonderful contrast to neutral colours.

Do I have to sacrifice high efficiency for style though?

No, Northstar appliances by Elmira provide vintage style with high efficiency! Elmira provides all the high-performance features that clients come to expect in kitchen appliances while injecting a sense of fun and personality to your kitchen.

Northstar Retro appliances by Elmira

Ranges the only North American retro styled ranges with self-cleaning ovens and programmable delayed bake. High-performance gas burners or high-speed radiant elements, true convection ovens and a two cubic foot warmer

Refrigerators are available in six models. Fridge and freezers doors are formed, not stamped, from heavy gauge steel, and then powder coated and polished to achieve the signature Northstar high-lustre finish. These fridges are made and assembled in North America. For the beer lover, you can add the BrewMaster factory installed draft kit!

Hoods & Splashbacks the hoods are available in outside vent or recirculating models. They feature powerful but ultra quiet multi-speed operation and easy-clean removable stainless steel baffle filters; Dual 3 watt LED lights provide excellent task lighting for your range top. The splashbacks can be ordered in complementary colours to visually tie your range and hood together.

Dishwasher panels the panels fit over specific dishwashers to give your kitchen the complete retro look in matching colours. The dishwasher is also available at The Original Flame.

Microwaves the retro microwave is a 1.6 cubic foot capacity oven with 1200 watts of power.

In summary, you don’t have to give up on modern conveniences to have that retro flair in your kitchen. Progressive homeowners are opting for a fresh and unexpected take on appliances for a more personalized kitchen. You can have that old school vibe while still having a modern kitchen.

Is this the year you finally treat yourself to your dream kitchen? If so, come in to see the Northstar line by Elmira at The Original Flame inc.

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