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Rooms without Walls… Transform your Backyard into a Vacation Spot! – Cottage Country Connection

Fire table - outdoor living PeterboroughThe possibilities for outdoor rooms are limitless from large and spacious to small and intimate.  No matter what size of space or budget you have the goal is to create a retreat that reflects your personal lifestyle. The backyard can be more than a place to entertain family and friends; this can be your haven from the outside world.

Natural elements are perfect for your outdoor retreat- choose beautiful plants to add colour, waterfalls or a pond, a wind chime and of course a warm and inviting fire feature.

If you are looking to focus your efforts and budget the obvious place to start is the outdoor living room. The fire feature is the heart of the outdoor room & creates the focal point or centrepiece. The fire, whether it is a fire table or built in fireplace, is a natural gathering place that draws people into its warm glow. From this starting point add comfortable chairs in beautiful outdoor fabrics that resist fading and mildew plus a hammock for that afternoon nap.

HGTV says “The real breakout star of the (recent) American Society of Landscape Architects ( ASLA) survey are fire pits and fireplaces at 97%”.  Your fire feature offers you lighting, warmth & extends your outdoor enjoyment to the shoulder seasons.

You can buy fire tables that burn propane or natural gas and act as a coffee or cocktail table in the day and a fire pit at night. If you want to express your originality, you can also buy the burners in round or linear configurations and build your own fire pit. Factory built outdoor wood or gas fireplaces are also available. These fireplaces can be finished off with a stone look for that traditional look. If your budget is tight, even a gel burning fire pot will create a focal point in the evenings.

With an outdoor room you can build on your design each year, it does not have to be a huge expense all at once. Summer is here.  Get started on your outdoor room and enjoy!

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