BBQ: SABER Grills and The Original Flame Inc.

Yes, The Original Flame Inc. is a dealer of SABER products with which you can cook a delicious dinner. Our showroom is located in Peterborough and we supply fireplaces, fireplace inserts, BBQ, cookstoves, and stoves throughout the region.

Established in 1885, SABER has over a 100 years’ experience in manufacturing outdoor cooking components. You will find SABER grills for sale in our showroom. Enjoy cooking outdoors with this grill at your home for your family and guests. The high demand for SABER BBQ that we experience at The Original Flame is mostly due to performance, innovative design and the latest technology. You will find the BBQ appliances of SABER an extremely affordable investment at our showroom in Peterborough.

The specialty of a SABER BBQ is that the heat is distributed evenly and the food is cooked properly. The appliances have a burner in each of the compartments so that you can cook more than one delicacy at the same time. The SABER grills allow you to cook a steak at 700 degrees while vegetarian dishes can be cooked at 300 degrees.

Another benefit you will find with SABER grills purchased from our showroom is that they are not high-maintenance appliances. These grills are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel like Grade 304 that is resistant to corrosion and are known for longevity. Infrared technology is another advantage and the SABER grills do not consume much fuel.

So, are you looking forward to entertaining your guests in front of your swimming pool and cook them a delicious dinner? Then, a SABER grill from The Original Flame is a must-have for you. The Original Flame is the best place to help you build a backyard kitchen.

For more information about SABER products supplied by The Original Flame, feel free to contact at 705-742-9452.

Saber Grill

Saber Grill

Saber Grill

Saber Grill

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