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Why An Electric Fireplace Might Be Your Perfect Choice

A home is meant to be a cozy place where you can lay down and comfortably retire from the worries of the world. A good fireplace is absolutely essential to set the stage for that cozy ambiance, but homeowners who want new fireplaces face quite a few choices. The biggest of these concerns is probably […]

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Modern Fireplaces Keep You Warm During Canadian Winters

Canada is legendary for its frigid winters. Once November starts to dawn, heaps of snow, copious ice, and chilling winds become common in every area of the country (excluding the BC coast for some reason). The height of winter can be especially grueling. Unless you’re built like a moose or a polar bear, you’ll likely […]

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6 Reasons to Consider Fireplace Inserts in Your Home

Home and hearth never looked better with this energy-efficient makeover! Even if you love the ambiance of a wood fire on a cold winter evening, you are probably aware that brick and mortar fireplaces are notoriously inefficient in terms of home heating. Unless you have money to burn, you need a sealed fireplace insert in […]

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