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Understanding Your Home’s Heating System – HVAC 101

Did you know – An HVAC heating system is likely to be the single most critical modern technological convenience found in either your home or office? It’s what keeps your office space cool and comfortable during a sweltering summer. And it’s also what maintains your home’s cozy and inviting atmosphere through even the most frigid […]

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5 Signs That Your Furnace Requires Replacement

As we march deeper into winter and the snow continues to fall, we enter that time of year when our home furnaces will be put under the most significant strain. Given the often harsh and frigid nature of the winter in many parts of Canada, this time of great stress is exactly when you’ll need […]

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Is Your Furnace Ready For The Wintery Season?

No matter the weather outside, it seems that winter is never far away when you live in Northeastern Ontario. That’s why clever homeowners use the warmer months to ensure they’re prepared to ride out the cold in style. At The Original Flame, we take pride in helping our fellow Ontarians stay comfortable and save money […]

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