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Why You Should Take the Time To Season Your Grill Grate


Here’s the thing…guilty as charged!  I’ve never done this seasoning process and have always had brutal experiences with low-end grills.  Here at the store, we’re so excited to start using our Saber BBQ and this may be our first step – properly seasoning the grills.  Find a short blurb from a Saber Grills blog post, and a link to the rest:

“We’ve seen some pretty bad grill grates in our day—rusted, covered in burnt food and, well, let’s just stop there. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Seasoning the grate, before and after you grill, will prevent rust, make cleaning easier and make your food taste better.

Over time, grill grates can rust or get so sticky that it’s nearly impossible to pull food you’re cooking off in one piece. Aesthetics aside, food that sticks loses juice and dries out when you try to pry it from a sticky grate. Seasoning a grill grate removes contaminants, repels rust and seals pores to stop food from sticking.”

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