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Tiny homes are increasing in popularity as more people want home ownership without the big mortgages and upkeep, as well as a desire to reduce their carbon footprint.

In a tiny home many of the features are multipurpose to take advantage of the limited space.

Having a welcoming fire & heat source is possible in your limited space. Some of the options that we will discuss that are hydro independent are: wood, gas or propane. This means that you will be warm and cozy even if there is no power.

Wood stoves are one option that can create a warm heat source as well as give you a possible place to heat up some food or water. When considering a wood stove you will want to check on clearances to combustibles. Most new stoves can fit fairly snuggly into small spaces with shielding on the stove. If you have chosen ceramic tile or some other non combustible flooring you won’t have the need for floor protection so, no tripping hazard. The chimney is best installed straight up through the roof, giving you the best draft and easiest cleaning.

The other option we recommend is propane or gas stoves. These stoves are direct vent meaning that the vent pipe has an inner and outer pipe, with the inner pipe exhausting the flue gases and the outer pipe bringing fresh air for combustion. Many of these types of stoves do not require floor protection so can sit directly onto a laminate type floor. Hampton makes a lovely little stove called the Hampton H15 has a similar style stove called the Lillehammer. These stoves can work thermostatically which provides you a constant, even heat.

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Michele Kadwell-Chalmers, fireplace consultant
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