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Transparent Pricing

We’re one of those stores you walk around in and don’t see price tags. 

As a consumer, that makes me cringe. 

And we’re going to help clarify our pricing – because we want to be transparent. 

For this blog, I’d like to start talking in terms of the entry-level and helping people understand that the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can end up spending on a fireplace. 

We are a supply and install contractor for fireplaces, furnaces, boilers and pool heaters that are fuelled by gas or propane. We are not WETT certified and as result, we do not install wood stoves, pellet stoves or wood fireplaces. 

We have three most popular constructions of fireplace; freestanding, gas fireplaces (which used to be referred to as zero clearance fireplaces), or gas fireplace inserts. 

A freestanding fireplace like the Regency U38/39, are all fireplaces that have a variety of accessories to pick from but are generally already decorated. They sit on a small hearth like a wood stove, usually have black venting coming off of their flue and exhaust to the outside of the building through either an existing chimney or a direct venting system. 

This year, based on our current pricing (which is subject to change) we have two packages in a freestanding propane or gas stove which are proving to be popular – the Heatilator Ecochoice Oxford. They’re our most modestly priced packages. They’re presently retailing for $2,999 plus HST cash and carry (payable by any method other than credit) with a remote, fan and up and out direct vent kit. Folks who are removing (sell it on Kijiji!) an old wood stove and wanting to put an Oxford in its place can expect to pay another $395 – $495 on top of that for the chimney liner and smoke pipe vent kit. For a turnkey installation, I tell clients to anticipate spending $4,000 plus HST and any installation contingencies. 

A gas fireplace (which used to be referred to as a zero clearance gas fireplace) is a fireplace that you set on the floor and build a cabinet, mantel, floor to ceiling finish over. These fireplaces are where the prices vary the most. Our most modest package is our cash and carry Majestic Quartz 32 fireplace, on display here at The Original Flame; this package includes the fireplace with a log set, a remote, a five foot flex kit, and a fan. It retails for $1,999 plus HST (payable by any method other than credit). 

Our most modest gas insert package is the Majestic Ruby 25 which retails for $2,999 cash and carry with a remote, a fan, a log set and a chimney venting kit with a cap and flashing. Our best selling inserts are the Regency LRI4E and the Archgard G3/G3.5, both of which are on display here at The Original Flame. The Regency and Archgard are more money than the Majestic – in a turnkey installation, most people most times can expect to spend $5,000 plus HST and gas piping installing a gas fireplace insert. The beauty of an insert is that it radically improves the heating efficiency of your home and minimizes the air leaking out of your drafty wood fireplace. 

We want your business and we appreciate your phone calls – feel free to call us and ask questions – there’s no such thing as a silly question. We want to earn your business with our service and transparent pricing. We also want you to feel informed and confident of your decision to buy a fireplace from us!

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