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Wouldn’t you like to spend less money on heating your home and more money on the things you choose to enjoy?

The Ontario government has committed $325 million dollars to the Green Investment Fund, for projects to fight climate change. Part of that money will go to Ontario Home Energy Conservation Incentive Program which will provide incentives of up to $2100 to qualified homeowners. This money will encourage residential homeowners to reduce their heating costs by tightening up their homes or replacing older inefficient products, such as furnaces, windows, and insulation. This program will be administered by Enbridge & Union Gas in our area.

The interesting part of this program is that it applies to homeowners who heat with natural gas, propane, oil furnaces or boilers as well as wood stoves. To qualify you must reach a minimum 15% annual fuel savings (to determine this you are required to have a pre and post home energy audit) and complete two of the upgrades recommended by the Enbridge approved Certified Energy Auditor. These two audits will cost $500 in total; you will receive an instant $150 rebate on the first audit.

Some examples of the approved upgrades are:

  • Attic insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Window replacements
  • Air sealing
  • High-efficiency heating system
  • High-efficiency water heating system
  • Air source heat pump

The higher the fuel savings you can achieve, the more valuable the incentive for you. Not to mention you have extra money to spend on the things you choose and you reduce your carbon footprint, helping fight against climate change. The ending date for both audits and work to be completed is December 31, 2017, so don’t delay! Additional information on the program can be found at

Submitted by Michele Kadwell-Chalmers,
fireplace consultant, The Original Flame inc.

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