The Bond Between Valor and The Original Flame

The Original Flame Inc. has acclaimed approval from many in Peterborough for supplying high-quality fireplaces, inserts, cookstoves as well as BBQ and stoves from renowned brands like Valor.

Established as a company in Canada, Valor has the experience of over 120 years in the gas stoves and gas fireplaces manufacturing industry. Valor has been manufacturing comfortable focal points for homes like yours since 1890. So, buy warmth and beauty with a Valor gas fireplace for your home from The Original Flame showroom.

Valor Gas Fireplaces: The Valor gas fireplaces are built to generate steady and even heat that will keep you warm without having to use electricity or fan. You will find all types of Valor gas fireplace models that come in contemporary designs. There are many models that are designed in timeless transitional motifs that will comfort your eyes and soothe your soul. The Linear series, Multi-sided series, Horizon series as well as Retrofire ZC and Portrait ZC from Valor are quite popular among the residents of Peterborough as well as rest of Canada. We, at The Original Flame, will give you expert advice as to which Valor gas fireplace will enhance the aesthetics of your home and keep you warm.

Valor Gas Stoves: The freestanding stoves manufactured by Valor are highly efficient. Being a Valor gas stove dealer, we assure you that they will keep you warm irrespective of power failures and keep your room warm for long hours even after you turn it off. You do not have to depend upon electricity as gas stoves only require a proper gas pipeline connection. The Valor gas stoves are available in both timeless traditional and contemporary designs at the showroom of The Original Flame Inc. in Peterborough.

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