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We’ve made some changes.

A Message from the desk of David Eyre

It’s been a while!

I was on an almost two year hiatus out of the industry and am back running the store and managing sales.

The Original Flame is under new ownership; Michele has retired and Jim Harrison of JRH Enterprises is the new owner.

Jim brings a wealth of HVAC experience – we deal with an astonishing number of pool heaters for a fireplace store.

In combination with fireplaces, we sell air conditioners, furnaces, fireplaces, we do miles of gas piping – but we are not WETT certified.

Meaning no chimney sweeps, no WETT inspections, no wood heat installation or troubleshooting advice – for your convenience and to protect you, for those matters, you need to speak to a WETT certified individual in your area.

We are selling wood stoves cash and carry – we can supply a wood stove and you can find an installer to supply floor protection, smoke pipe, chimney and labour (make sure you get a WETT!), but we no longer provide wood stove/wood fireplace/pellet stove installations.

We are no longer doing turnkey fireplace makeovers – we are unable to administer large projects coordinating multiple trades as we were doing in the past. We can supply and install a fireplace and refer you to great trades who you can coordinate yourself, however.

What we are doing and will continue to do is to provide great fireplace installations with transparent pricing, free in-home estimates and quality workmanship.

We’d love to talk to you about your heating, cooling and fireplace needs – please get in touch!

Full Service Boutique

Visit us for full service, from purchase to installation and ongoing service. Our family wants your family and friends to come together around the fire for years to come.

Find your perfect fireplace where warmth and style meet. Get in touch with us today.

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