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Why Regular Maintenance Of Your HVAC System Is Important

HVAC systems provide heating, cooling, and ventilation to all kinds of buildings. Which makes them indispensable to creating any sort of even reasonably comfortable indoor environment. As with so many other things, however, HVAC systems break down and degrade over time and with prolonged use. If you want to stay comfortable at work or at home, regular HVAC maintenance is a must.

Air conditioners, ventilation systems, and especially gas furnaces require periodic maintenance. Maintenance performed by skilled technicians will keep your HVAC system in good working order. The qualified professionals at The Original Flame, Inc., and our HVAC maintenance team stand at the ready. We’re here to help keep your furnace and other HVAC essentials in top form. Here’s a bit about why maintenance is so important and about what we can do for you.

The Importance of Regular HVAC System Maintenance

Gas FurnaceFirst and foremost, regular HVAC system maintenance checks done by a trained technician will save you money. Cost savings from regular HVAC maintenance come in two primary forms: energy savings and replacement cost savings.

As HVAC systems get old and fall into disrepair, you start to get less bang for your buck when you use them. Debris can get caught in any part of the system and impede normal functioning. Or parts can grow old, degrade or simply become obsolete relative to newer parts. This means that it’ll take more natural gas to warm up your home to the ideal temperature than it took before. Or more electricity to keep your workplace cool during a hot summer day than it might otherwise take, and so on. High and rising energy bills are no good for anyone. Thus, an annual HVAC system maintenance from one of The Original Flame’s HVAC technicians could be just what you need to reign them in.

If things become really dire and you don’t provide your heating and cooling system with regular maintenance – it might collapse on you entirely. No one wants a busted AC in the middle of August when you have business clients to serve. Nor do you want a dead furnace at home in December that leaves you and your family shivering during the holidays. Yet things like this have been known to happen. When they do, you’ll typically have no choice but to replace your entire HVAC system from the ground up. And that in and of itself can become a monumental hassle. In the event that you ever find yourself in such a serious situation, our furnace installers can help you pick out and put in a new system. However, it’s always prudent to simply fix something instead of totally replacing it.

Of course, when a technician comes to check out your system and detects a problem, there’ll be a greater chance of successfully and painlessly dealing with it, no matter what it is. The earlier that issues are detected, the more easily they can be resolved. Plus the more frequently and regularly you commission maintenance checks, the more likely you’ll be to detect potential problems early on.

There’s another important way in which annual professional maintenance checks will rebound to your personal benefit. HVAC systems warranties can be a godsend when unforeseen contingencies strike. They can cover the cost of extensive repair or even replacement of your system. However, they typically come with strings attached. One major string, is that you need to submit proof that your system is subjected to regular maintenance by a trained professional at least once a year. Without this, the manufacturer typically won’t allow you to take advantage of their warranty in the event that anything should go wrong.

Of course, potential issues could also be extremely dangerous. Let’s say there’s an exposed wire somewhere in your AC setup. That might possibly create an electrical fire without you even realizing what was wrong. Busted pipes might mean that the propane which keeps natural gas furnaces brining could leak out somewhere where it isn’t supposed to be and light ablaze. Depending on the circumstances, good furnace maintenance might make all the difference between your house burning down and everything remaining as normal.

Alternatively, heat exchangers could break down and release carbon monoxide into your home. Water might freeze in your pipes after a harsh winter, cracking them and destroying them altogether. Periodic professional maintenance checks are the one surefire way to avoid these and other hazards.

It’s not just you that stands to benefit from regular furnace repairs and other HVAC maintenance. It’s your surrounding community and even the entire world around you. HVAC systems that run at peak efficiency consume less fuel-less electricity or less natural gas. Essentially, less of whatever else is needed to run it, either directly or indirectly. That inadvertently puts a slightly smaller strain on the environment too. So if everyone commits him/herself to schedule regular checks on their HVAC system, the effects will add up. All of our HVAC systems and equipment, like our Continental Furnaces, is Energy Star qualified. Meaning they’re qualified to be maximally energy efficient, and our technicians know how to keep everything running at its peak performance levels.

If you know what’s good for you, you’ll schedule your HVAC system for annual maintenance from The Original Flame. And if you want to do your part to keep the environment healthy, you’ll do the same.

DIY or Call a Pro for Your HVAC System Needs?

A DIY fix is always gratifying and convenient. However, there are a few things that you can do on your own to prolong the life of your HVAC system. Still, with natural gas furnaces being the kind of complex machines that they are these days, we can’t stress enough the supreme importance of calling a trained professional. You should have a professional come in at least once a year to give your system a thorough check-up.

What The Original Flame Can Do For You?

Whether you’re a new homeowner who wants the best heating and cooling systems for your home. Or someone in need of an upgrade. Or just a responsible person who wants to make sure that everything is running smoothly. The Original Flame can offer you a number of crucial HVAC systems and maintenance services, including:

  • Installation:
    We can install any aspect of an HVAC system into your home. Our furnace installers can hook your home up with top-of-the-line gas furnaces to keep your home safe and warm. Specifically, we can outfit your home or workplace with Continental Furnaces and other high-end HVAC products from Continental. We also install things like hot water tanks, pool heaters, AC systems and gas, and piping appliances. And we always provide excellent service with competitive rates for everything.
  • Repair and Maintenance:
    We can repair just about anything as long as it’s repairable, and it makes sense to repair it. Furnace repairs and furnace maintenance of all kinds are second nature to us. The same applies to air conditioners, ventilation systems, water heaters, or any other HVAC system components.
  • Improving Your Air Quality and Efficiency:
    Repairs don’t just mean keeping your system chugging along. Just as often, they amount to improving its performance too. And this can amount to anything from saving you money on energy to keeping your ventilation system from admitting pollutants into your home.

Have a look at our full list of services here.

In Conclusion

Routine HVAC system maintenance may sometimes seem unglamorous, but its importance is virtually impossible to overstate. We strongly encourage you to call The Original Flame today. Book an appointment to take full advantage of our HVAC systems maintenance services. Let us help you make your home and/or office a cozier place to be.

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