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The Original Flame Inc., located at 810 Rye St, Otonabee is proud to announce our partnership with Elmira Stove Works.

Elmira Stove Works has been manufacturing vintage‐styled ranges since 1975, and offers full lines of “circa‐1850” and retro 1950s appliances, including ranges, refrigerators, microwaves, wall ovens, range hoods and wood‐burning cook stoves. Elmira appliances are sold through dealers across North America. Elmira Stove Works is a privately-owned company based in Elmira, Ontario, Canada.

Elmira recently redeveloped one of its oldest and most popular products, introducing the
Fireview wood-burning cook stove in late 2009. The Fireview is a high-efficiency, air-tight
wood-burning stove. Elmira brought the existing technology forward about 100 years with
features such as high-efficiency combustion, a stay-clean viewing window and optional side
propane burners.

“We decided if we were going to get back into cook stoves, we had better re-invent the category,”
said Brian Hendrick, Vice President of Elmira Stove Works. This versatile appliance can serve as a high-output room heater, a cooking appliance, a recreational fire-viewing stove and a source of hot water. The multi-functionality of the unit unquestionably sets it apart from other cooking or heating appliances.

“We have confidence in the future of renewable energy. We see more and more people moving
off the electrical grid, or trying to reduce their dependence on it. Solar, geo-thermal and wind
energy are leading that curve, and for some people, high-efficiency, low-emission wood-burning
appliances are a part of it… especially if you can add the efficiency and multi-use features of a
cookstove,” said Hendrick. “And from a less technical standpoint, there’s just something about
the taste and aroma of fresh baking out of a wood-burning cookstove that you can’t match with a
modern range or microwave!”
For more information about the Fireview wood cookstove and to see it in person, please come out to see us at The Original Flame Inc.

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